Hand-Made, Hand Woven Baskets

We LOVE this month’s product feature because you can easily create beautiful baskets in an instant!  The Basket Frames are ideal for small storage around-the-house or it can be used for other purposes.  Imagine organizing in-style!  Whether you use yarns, raffias or fabric strips, you can achieve personalized baskets with little effort.  Each week we will be featuring hand-made baskets for the home, office and special occasions.

Basket Frame Package

The Basket Frames comes in two pieces to make two baskets. There are 3 shapes— Round, Oval and Square in small and large sizes.  The material is made from sturdy cardboard and it has a smooth finish which is perfect for weaving those fancy fibers we will be using this month.  The basket making process is very simple. First add your basket base using felt or fabric, weave yarn around each frame until you get to the top rim.  Add decorative trimmings, stitch trim around the basket and you’re done!

What you’ll need to get started

getting started

Basket Frame, Wonder Clips or clothes pins, darning needle, felt or fabric, scissors, glue, and yarn.

Let’s start:

· Cut the round base included in the package, trace to felt or fabric and cut.  Attached to the frame with glue (this will be your basket bottom). Wind yarn by following the instructions.   

Basket  with wonder clip

· Finish your top frame by winding yarn around the rim. Use Wonder Clips to hold the yarn and continue winding until the frame edge is no longer visible.

· Insert darning needle from the bottom of basket and sew yarn through holes using an overcast stitch.  Go around the rim until the yarn is secure.  Hide yarn and you’re done! 

Yarns are versatile and it’s a great fiber for the Basket Frames.  Here we made baby baskets for a Baby Shower using Lion Brand Yarns.  Use pink for girl or baby blue for boy.

Things to remember when using Yarns:

·         There are a variety of yarns and ANY YARNS will work.

·         Chunky yarns will take less time and less amount of yarn.

·         Use variegated colors or alternate yarn colors.

·         Don’t be afraid to use bright yarns.  A pop of color is eye catching and refreshing.

·         Theme it and style it!


Use Wonder Clips to hold the trimming around the rim or clothes pin will work too.

Try using your old, worn T-shirts.  Cut t-shirt in long strips and use it to weave for a repurpose look.

The Basket Frame is a great start-up craft project.  Share them with friends and family.

Upcoming posts:

April 12 – Fabric strips.  How-to cut in a continuous strip to use with Basket Frames.

April 19 – Raffia and Ribbons

April 26 – Hand-made Gift Basket ideas

Win a gift basket valued at $100.

32 thoughts on “Hand-Made, Hand Woven Baskets

  1. I love baskets and used the all the time to hold by crafting supplies. This looks like a new and easy and fast way to make baskets. I love your products and have quiet a few of them. hope to add this to my never ending crafting ideas. Thank you for always coming up with new crafting tools.


  2. The baskets are a real nice concept. I love seeing new crafting ideas and then experimenting with them. I will have to go on your product site again. Thank you so much for teaching us a new craft.

  3. These baskets are really neat. I can see many different, bright color combinations. Thank you for giving us a new project to try. I love making new crafts.

  4. It lookd very simple to do, it is a great alternative for creating your own baskets to color coordinate with your decor. Thank you for yet another fabulous product.

  5. I love the basket frames. The weaving was not a problem but laying the yarn around the basket was. I still haven’t been able to get it to look right. Is there a secret to getting the yarn to look even? Mine was messy looking and the frame was showing. Love the concept and I have plenty of yarn so I’m anxious to master this technique.

  6. am I still in time to partecipate? this item looks pretty smart, I’ve always wanted to learn weaving baskets, I was fascinated by a woman that did with newspapers! WOW
    thank you Clover

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