The Art of Macrame

The art of Macrame is back! As always we are here to help perfect the craft with our Macrame Plant Hanger Gauge. Don’t let the name fool you. You can use it for any Macrame project that requires even knot spacing throughout. Here, we show you how to use it to make a plant hanger, since its in the name but very soon you can expect projects (that aren’t plant hangers) that call for this gauge.

What you’ll need:

Macramé Plant Hanger Gauge (Art. No 8630)
Macramé Cording
Wonder Clips


Cords for the Core:
120” (3m): 4
180” (4.6m): 4

Tightening Cords
67″ (1.7m): 1
40″ (1m): 2

How to do it:

Step 1: Make Cord bundles for the core. Gather the 120 in. (3 m) and 180 in. (4.6 m) cords in the center. 180 in. (4.6 m) cords should extend 31 in. (80 cm) longer on both sides.
Step 2: Using the 67 in. (1.7 m) tightening cords, make a 4 in. (10 cm) Wrapped Knot around the cords of the core in the center.
Step 3: Make a ring with this Wrapped Knot, and under the ring, make a 2 in. (5 cm) Wrapped Knot using a 40 in. (1 m) tightening cord.

Wrapped Knot 

Step 4: Make 4 bundles of 4 cords (with 2 short and 2 long) each.
Step 5: Make 3 square knots (directly under wrapped knot)

Square Knot 

Step 5: Leave a 3” space and then make 12 spiral knots. Spiral knots are made by repeating step 1 of the Square Knot instructions as step 2.
Step 7: Leave a 2” space then make 3 Square Knots.
Step 8: Leave a 1” space then make 2 Square Knots
Step 9: Leave a 4” space then make 2 Alternating knots

Alternating Square Knots

Step 10: Leave a 4” space then make 2 square knots with the original 4 cords.
Step 11: Make 2” wrapped knot 2” below the last Square Knot made

When you’re done:

Project PDF

Download project PDF

More on the tool:

The Macrame Plant Hanger Gauge can be use to create beautiful works of art by combining different types of macramé knots. Using this gauge, knots can be spaced evenly resulting in a beautiful finish. With 1 in. (approximately 2.5 cm) increments, the gauge can be used to measure from 1 to 10 inches (approximately 2.5 to 25 cm). The package include two rulers and a Wonder Clip. One measures from 1 to 4 inches and the second measures from 5-10 inches. The Wonder Clip makes holding the gauge in place easier.

Macrame Plant Hanger Gauge
Art No 8630

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