Whimsical Felted Flowers

???????????????????????????????Create fanciful floral felted designs.

Spring is finally here. We’re enjoying the beautiful weather, green grass, and flowers in full bloom. The gorgeous scenery has inspired us to create some whimsical felted flowers. Beckie Hansen shares her technique for flower making with felt, find instructions and more felting inspiration listed below:

Pom Pom’s in Bloom

flowerPom Pom Flower Fun

Pom Pom’s are a great way to use up any leftover yarn. What’s even better is that you can create “images” inside your Pom Pom depending on how you wind the yarn. Clover’s Pom Pom makers make it easy!

Have you tried to create unique designs with your Pom Pom Maker? We’d love to see!



For more Pom Pom inspiration:




Easter Bunny Pom Pom


Easter Bunny Pom Pom

Help your little bunnies make this fun and easy spring project made with Clover’s Pom Pom Makers.With a little yarn, felt, and Pom Pom makers you’ll be able to get your Spring crafting in bloom!

3393436 _3124 Pom Pom Maker Small

Small Pom Pom Makers (Item 3124) were used for this project, but any size will do. The bunny head was made with the smaller sized Pom Pom and the body was made with the slightly bigger one. Bunny ears were cut from felt as well as a cute little nose. Two black beads were used for the eyes. You’ll end up with this little guy.




Clover’s Kanzashi Flower Maker – Inspired Wall Art


Spring is in full BLOOM at Clover! Creating Kanzahi Flowers has never been easier, simply set, cut, and sew to create beautiful Flowers! Add your own special touch to create unique accessories, decorations, scrapbooking, and more…



How to Knit with Beads by Fran Ortmeyer

scarf with beads

I have become a fan of knitting with beads. There are several ways to make this happen…one is pre stringing the beads which takes way more time and patience than I have been gifted with SO I did some research and decided the method using a crochet hook to add the beads as you go was what I needed. I love the process and adding beads this way holds them in place. When knitting with prestrung beads you knit them into the stitch and they tend to roll around to the back of your work. When using the crochet hook, first knit the stitch, transfer it back to the left hand needle, take a small gauge crochet hook (I use 14 or 12 as these also work with seed beads) slip the bead onto the hook, pick up the stitch on the left hand needle and slide the bead over the stitch. Move the stitch back to the right hand needle and resume work.

The stitch has been knit and returned to the left hand.  

image 1

Using crochet hook pick up stitch. 

image 2

Bead is now on the stitch.

image 3

Once bead is positioned onto the stitch return to right hand needle. You have now added two beads successfully.  

image 4

Now you have a beautiful fan lace scarf with beads. 

scarf with beads

Vogue Knitting LIVE Seattle Recap

Vogue Knitting LIVE Seattle March 2014 Recap through Photos



Clover has long been a sponsor of the Vogue Knitting LIVE events, however it’s not often that we get to attend the shows to see first hand what Vogue Knitting LIVE is all about. There are classes, lectures, fashion shows, and yarns galore! If you’ve never been, make sure to add it to your wish list because it is a weekend full of fun!


Clover was a classroom sponsor, were you one of the lucky ones to receive a sample of our Takumi Bamboo knitting needles?16781593 1595 1616



Fashion Shows

The fashion shows were featured throughout the day on Saturday and were great to see. So many unique and beautiful pieces.



It was a busy day at the Clover booth on Saturday!

15771578There was so much to see, many talented artists and beautiful exhibits.

1756 1749 1776 photo 3 live_seattle  1740

Bunny shearing demo drew a big crowd.

1718 Antique sock knitting machine in action.


Knitted jewelry by Fly Designs.

yarn_hanging Who could resist “Catch A Skein”?


And of course, you can’t visit Seattle without visiting Pike’s Place. Thankfully, we enjoyed clear skies and cool weather for the most part.

seattle1 seattle2 starbucks_pikesplace  fishmarket flowers_pikes_placeIt was a great experience overall and we look forward to attending again next year.