Holiday Yo-Yo Trees

Are you looking for quick, easy, last minute Christmas decor? These holiday yo-yo trees are perfect! They are beginner friendly and take no more than 10 minutes to make. You can use them as tree ornaments, put a few of them together to make a centerpiece, or just scatter them around the house. 

Tool School: Knitting Bobbin Set

By Steve Butler What is it?  Knitting and crochet.  If you look at all of the fibers, textures, sizes and colors of yarns available to accomplish either we find that the potential for creative expression is virtually unlimited. 

Tool School: Standing Oval Knitting Loom

By Steve Butler What is it?–  Knitting is fun, productive, cathartic, expressive and creative.  But mostly it’s creative.  In fact, when it comes to the selection of yarns available with all of the exciting colors, textures, and fibers that constitute them, your creative quotient is virtually unlimited. 

Tool School: Marking Pins

By Steve Butler What is it?  Whether we’re into knitting or crochet we’re always making something, something made of individual pieces.  And that something usually means putting those component pieces together.  We all know there are several techniques for joining our knitted or crocheted pieces and that those techniques vary depending on our creative inspiration.