Amethyst Tassel Dream Catcher

You can use tassels to accessorize or you can make something completely new and different.

What you need:

  • Tassel Maker-Large (Art. No 9941)
  • Handy Thread Twister (Art. No 9942)
  • Darning Needle
  • Embroidery Floss (Size 8m)
  • 10″ Embroidery Hoop
  • Yarn (enough to cover hoop)

How to do it:

Wrap embroidery hoop with yarn to cover the entire surface.


Once hoop is covered follow image instructions A-D to make the dream catcher netting.

Make a simple knot by the center top of your hoop. Use a darning needle to wind the embroidery thread around your hoop evenly spaced out. Image A illustrates the direction in which you should be winding your thread. Please continue this pattern until you have a total of 12 loops on outer edge of hoop. Please note you are able to make more or less loops depending on the desired look.

Image A

*Images B-D show how you will start and continue rounds 1- 6.
Repeat this step until you reach the center.
*When desired look is achieved tie a knot and cut excess thread.

Image B

Image C

Image D



* Follow basic instructions included in the Tassel Maker-Large (Art No. 9941) and use your embroidery floss  to construct a total of five tassels.
* To get the full look pictured in image, wind your thread a total of 54 times on the third setting of your Tassel Maker.


*Follow basic instructions included in Handy Thread Twister (Art. No 9942) and construct a total of 5 cords.
Cord #1 & 5: Finished length will measure 9″. To get this length use two threads measuring 12″ each for thread twister.
Cord # 2 & 4: Finished length will measure 12″. To get this length use two threads measuring 15″ each.
Cord #3: Finished length will measure 16″.To get this length use two threads measuring 19″ each.
*Use darning needle to insert cord through tassel and knot in order to secure your tassels onto your cord.

Evenly space cords and attach to dream catcher.

Project PDF

View downloadable PDF.

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