Tool School: Tassel Makers & Handy Thread Twister

tassel-twister-thumbnailBy Steve Butler 

What is it?-Look around.  Go into any high-end clothing store.  Check out fashion week in New York.  One the most often used, trending fashion accent pieces now being used is the age old tassel.  They are on everything.  It’s often said, “Everything old is new again.”  That’s true of tassels except now they’re made out of exciting new fibers.  Yarn, thread, synthetic materials, paper, ribbon or any combination of the above.  And if that’s not enough, it’s also possible apply beads, decorative wire or other jewelry hardware to achieve any look you can conjure up.  We are truly limited only by our own imaginations.   Once complete these beautiful little gems become valued accents to any fashion, jewelry, home decor or craft project.  They really do add that “something special” to your creative design.  But how hard are they to make?  Easy if you have unending patience, perfect eyesight and four hands.  That’s what you’ll need if you follow the on-line instructions.  Oh, by the way, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to make two or more that will be even close to the same size, shape and fullness should you need them .  Measuring, wrapping, holding, tying, cutting, more holding and more tying.  All very labor intensive.  Or . . . or you could just use the Clover Tassel Maker that does all of that for you and gives you perfect tassels every time.  And how about that nifty little cord that attaches the tassel to the project.  How do you make that?  There are difficult ways to do that as well, but the good folks at Clover have fixed that too with the Handy Thread Twister.  Now decorative cording is easy peasy and can even be as ornamental as the tassel itself.  It’s all up to you.tassel-twister_inspiration-thumbnail

What does it do? – Tassels bring a certain “je ne sais quoi” to any of our creative aspirations.  Using Clover tassel makers allows us to select from a variety of yarns, threads, cords or other fiber type materials to make the perfect size, shape and color tassel to compliment every project. The Clover Tassel Maker is available in two sizes. Additionally, Clover’s Handy Thread Twister allows us make the perfect cord for every tassel or decorative cording requirement.

Tassel Maker – The Tassel Maker is available in two sizes, large and small.  The large tassel maker has preset finished tassel sizes of 2 3/8″, 2 3/4″, 3 1/8″, 3 1/2″ and 4″.  The small tassel maker has preset finished tassel sizes of 1 3/16″, 1 9/16″ and 2″.  Simply select the size tassel desired and the fiber that you want to construct your tassel from and then follow the included instructions.  The tassel maker allows you to wrap your fiber at the right length and then holds it while you tie it in place, attach the cord and then cut the free ends.  Perfect tassels every time and you can do it with two hands instead of four.  Quick and easy and you’re back to your project in no time.


Tassel Maker (Small)
Art. No 9940


Tassel Maker (Large)
Art. No 9941

Handy Thread Twister – Every tassel we see has a really cool little cord loop used to attach it to our project.  Just like the tassel, there’s the hard way and the easy way to make them.  Clover’s Handy Thread Twister is the easiest way to make them.  We can mix and match colors and textile products to produce unique colors, shapes and textures.  Or not.  In addition to tassels, these creative little cords have lots of decorative applications for jewelry, fashion and home decor.  Regardless of how you use them though, they give any project a sense of custom, handmade attention to detail. 9942_handy_thread_twister_with_pkg_web

Handy Thread Twister
Art. No 9942

How do I share it? – Just paint the picture.  Set out samples of tassels made from a variety of fibers that everyone can touch and feel.  Show your friends a selection of the styles and applications of tassels and then show them how easy they are to make.  Put a “show me how” tag on the peg holding them in your shop and be prepared to demo them individually whenever requested.  When you give your friends a tassel they’ll want a tassel maker.

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