Leg Warmers with Standing Oval Knitting Loom


By Jennifer Jara

It’s getting cold out, and what better way to stay warm than with comfy and cozy leg warmers. Clover has the perfect tool to help you make your own.

Materials Needed:


Follow package instructions for the Standing Oval Knitting Loom to cast-on, knit stitch and bind off (images can also be referenced below).

Cast on all 24 pegs.oval-loom_cast-on

Knit stitch for 34 rows.oval-loom_knit-stitch

Bind off.oval-loom_bind-off


Make Tassels:

Make cord with Handy Thread Twister and weave around the top of your leg warmer.

Follow package instructions for small Tassel Maker and construct a total of 4 tassels.

Choose the desired size and adjust the Tassel Maker. In this project the second/middle setting was used.

Wind the thread 15 times around the Tassel Maker.

Attach tassels to the ends of the cords.

Tassel Maker tutorial below:

Enjoy your legwarmers!


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