Tool School: Hand Sewing Needles

By Steve Butler  What is it? No tools are more basic to sewing than needles are. They existed even before thread and fabric as our ancient ancestors used pointed objects to perforate hides so they could be laced together with leather cords.

New Additions to I Sew For Fun

Clover and Nancy Zieman Productions bring you an expansion of our I Sew For Fun collection. This is a program designed to share a fun and creative experience with young enthusiastic sewists.

Tool School Extra Credit: Scissors

By Shannon and Jason Mullett-Bowlsby Both of our mother’s and grandmother’s were sewers. It was never a question of “if” something was handmade, but “what” was being made today? Every afternoon would find Jason’s mom in her sewing room making clothes for the family or dolls and toys to sell. And often Shannon’s grandmother and great…

Fall Mug Rug with Wonder Fuse

Designed by Debra Haney  The Wonder Fuse is a paper backed fusible web useful for appliqué on apparel, quilts, embroidery, home decor and crafts. It keeps fabric soft and ready to sew, and recommended for your most delicate work and works perfectly when paired with the Wedge Iron. Project ideas are endless! Here’s one of…