Tool School: Curve Ruler

By Steve Butler What is it?  All right, we’ve decided to do a little fashion sewing.  Cool.  We’ve visited our local shop and poured over the pattern catalogs or perhaps searched favorite sites on the internet.  In either case we’ve found a pattern that’s just what we’re looking for.  We’ve reviewed the instructions on the…

A Look Back at Craftcation 2018

Craftcation, an annual celebration of the arts brought to you by Dear Handmade Life took place in Ventura, California from April 4-8th 2018. Clover was there. Read about our experience.

Why Clover’s Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors by Nancy Zieman?

Are you familiar with Clover’s scissors? We have an array of quality scissors that will help enhance the fun you already have while sewing and quilting. Clover has a collection of Patchwork Scissors (available in four sizes) and Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors by Nancy Zieman which are the ones we will be breaking down here. 

Tool School: Macramé Plant Hanger Gauge

By Steve Butler What is it? When I ask anyone about macramé, no one ever mentions that it dates from the 13th century when it was an emerging art form produced by combining cords and knots to form intricate designs.

Learning Tunisian by Amber of Divine Debris

By Amber Millard | Divine Debris Hi everyone, I’m Amber the designer from Divine Debris. A little bit about me – my mother taught me to crochet when I was a kid but didn’t start again until I was in my 20s. I started designing a couple years ago and when I found I had…