Trendy Tunisian Pillow with Tassels

By Marlyn Rodriguez 

Its a Pom Pom Party but we invited tassels too. The more the merrier, right?

What you’ll need:

  • Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook K (6.5mm)-Art. No 3697
  • Interchangeable Cord-16in. (Art. No 3645)
  • Interchangeable Cord Stopper (Art. No 3651)
  • Tassel Maker (Art. No 9941)
  • Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors 130 (Art. No 4940)
  • Gold Eye Chenille Needles No. 22 (Art. No 234/22)
  • Hot Ruler (Art. No 7811)
  • Jumbo Wonder Clips (Art. No 3157)
  • Two skeins of yarn (Medium Weight)
    *This project used Lion Brand Yarns’ Vanna’s Choice (Pink Grapefruit and Pale Grey)
  • Polyfill
  • Fat quarter
  • Pearl Cotton
  • Iron

What to do:

Front of Pillow

Chain 45 stitches
Work foundation row
Rows 1-5: Make 5 rows using the basic Tunisian stitch (Color A)
Switch to Color B
Rows 6-12: Make 7 rows using basic Tunisian stitch (Color B)
Switch to Color A
Repeat (rows 1-12) 3 times
Finished crochet piece (approx. 14×15”) makes the front of the pillow

Back of Pillow

Add 2” to finished crocheted piece measurements and cut fat quarter to that size. (Our piece measured 14×15”, we cut our fat quarter 16×17”).
With the wrong side of the fabric facing up, use Hot Ruler to measure and press one inch all the way around for your seam allowance

Front and Back Together

Face right sides of the crochet piece and fabric together.
Wonder Clip all around to hold in place
Hand sew along the edges using pearl cotton (removing Wonder Clips as you pass that section)
Leave a 5” opening
Flip inside out


Make 4 tassels using our large Tassel Maker on the middle setting
Using both Color A and B wrap yarn 12 times around the Tassel Maker
Insert one tassel in each corner of the pillow
With the cord, tie a knot from the inside to hold firmly in place
How to Use the Tassel Maker


Stuff pillow with polyfill
Hand sew the 5” gap shut
Trim tassels
Fluff pillow

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