Keeping Warm with Tunisian Crochet

WOW!!!! The sun is out and the temps are in the 50’s…a real heat wave.  The weather has tried to drown us this winter and according the newscasters it is a record breaking year for rain fall.  We are all so proud of this great honor and are sending requests to Mother Nature to share this rain with those in need for we are not worthy of such a gift.  It doesn’t seem to be working as rain is predicted for tonight and tomorrow.  At least today is partially sunny and all those spring bulbs and trees in bloom are much appreciative, as are we humans.  Notice the compost by the garden?  Wonder who is going to spread that?!

Fran's GardenThis Washington winter weather is perfect for knitting/crochet projects and I have been busy.  Most of the past couple weeks have been spent making awesome models for a new product to be released in May….it’s still hush hush but as soon as I have to go ahead I will share them with you.  I have to tell you that I am head over heels in love with this new product and all the cool things you can do with it and believe you will be, too.

Pay attention to the giveaways, people!  We will be giving away great Clover products.  This month it is a set of Tunisian Crochet Hooks.  I have been seeing more than a bit of buzz about Tunisian lately which prompted me to work up a pair of hand warmers for one of the Headquarter Warriors…Melanie Soward… the sales department.  Melanie is ALWAYS cold….something she has dealt with since childhood and I promised to make her some handwarmers.  She will be turning down the air-conditioner at work and others will go right behind her and turn it up.  So, Melanie, this one’s for you!

CuffsThe gray on the right with the Fun Fur Cuff is for Melanie.  The hand-warmer on the left shows the three stitches given in the instructions for the DOUBLE ENDED TUNISIAN HOOKS.

The aspect of our DOUBLE ENDED TUNISAN HOOKS I love best is how quick and easy it is to work with and working in the round provides so many possibilities.  Using the same yarn or two colors quick, easy and usable projects are available.

My favorite project we have done with the Tunisian Hooks is the COFFEE COZY, which we will include with this blog for you to make.  I love my Latte and I love HOT lattes so the Coffee Cozy comes in handy … I keep several in the car for my use and enjoy making some for friends.  A couple Coffee Cozies and a pound of your friend’s favorite coffee and you have a much appreciated gift.

In the summer I make some using the cotton yarn and put them on my iced tea glass to keep it from sweating.  Hot and cold…they work.

The hand-warmers I am making are so easy.  You can get a pair out of one skein of wool yarn….doesn’t have to be wool.

I used dark gray wool and Lion Brand’s Fun Fur in a multi gray color.  The second pair I will be doing is with cream colored Naturally Caron / Country wool and acrylic blend with a brown Fun Fur.  I’ll have them finished, cleaned up and blocked to show you next time.

Some of my favorite Tunisian projects..

Baby Hat

Just use any knit in the round hat pattern and follow instructions using the Tunisian crochet stitch instead of knit stitches.
Very easy to transform any knit pattern into Tunisian crochet items.

Sunglass Case

Sunglass Case

Coffee Cozy

Coffee Cozy

Project Sheet for Sunglass Case and Coffee Cozy

Wash Cloths

Wash Cloth



 Hook:  H

Yarn:   Sugar and Cream 4 ply Cotton Yarn

Only 1 skein as you will not be crocheting in the round


       Step 1:  Make a base chain with the required number of stitches (25 to 30).

      • Insert hook in 2nd ch from hk and draw through a lp.  Leave this lp on the hook.  Pull a lp through each ch, leaving them on the hk to the end of the row.

Step 2:  Work the return row from left to right.  So not turn the work.  YO and draw lp through first lp on the hk.  YO and draw lp through next 2 lps on the hook.  Continue drawing through 2 lps to end of row.


Step 3:  Do not turn the work.  Work from right to left, skip the first vertical lp formed at the edge of the work in previous row.  Insert hk from right to left behind the next vertical lp.  Yo and draw yarn through the vertical lp.  Leave this lp on hook.  Continue in this way to end.  Make sure you do not skip the last vertical lp on left-handed side of work.

Repeat steps 2 & 3 till project is length called for in pattern.

Difficulty:  Easy/Medium

For the next few weeks I will be working with the Hairpin Lace Tool with some tips and great projects for you to see and even work along with me if you like.

Happy Stitching!

10 thoughts on “Keeping Warm with Tunisian Crochet

  1. Wow – You have beautiful trees in your yard behind your compost pile. Very pretty.

    I am really new to all of this and I finally got a chance to look at the Clover products. I ended up purchasing the yo yo templates. I have now made about 15 flowers, butterflies, ovals, and circle yo yo’s. They are sooooo cool. I can’t stop making them. I just love them. It would be really neat to have them even bigger. =) “I can’t get enough of them” and working with different fabrics and textures makes it even more challenging and fun. Thank you for such a great product.

    I do crochet; but, I do not know anything about tunisian crochet. The blue and brown pattern is very pretty.


    • Lynn, I know what you mean about the yoyo’s. I am using the green one and the reproduction fabrics of feed sacks to make a bed cover in the traditional Grandmother’s Flower Garden. Who knows when it will be finished but it is a great travel project. I would love to see someof the things you have made with the yoyo’s. – send me a pic
      Have a great day and keep sitching!

  2. Spring is hitting us here in Upstate NY…today’s outside lesson…how to drive the riding lawn mower…inside I’m stitching…these projects look interesting, I will have to try them.

  3. The only Tunision project I’ve ever tackled was a butterfly afghan for my mom. I was one of my more memorable projects because (1) it took forever for me to finish it, (2) someone threw my pattern away and I had to search on ebay to find a replacement magazine with the pattern and (3) it was my first attempt at cross stitching on an afgan (the reverse side wasn’t as pretty as I’d have liked). All in all, it turned out really nice and I’m sure my mom has stored it away and never used it. Oh, well.

  4. I love your Tunisian crochet projects and I look forward to seeing your hooks. Since Clover aluminums are the only hooks I’ve used for traditional crochet in the last 10 years, I can’t wait to try out the ones for Tunisian. Happy spring!

    • Hi Kim, the Tunisian Double End Crochet Hooks from Clover are made to do Tunisian crochet in the round. You are making a tube and from that simple tube you would be surprised how many great items you can make. It also allows you to take , say, a knit hat pattern and you use the same number of stitches, do the decreases the same way but you are crocheting. How cool is that! When you make your first project please send a picture to and I will post it for all to enjoy. Happy spring to you, too.

      • Not to worry. I’m very familiar with Tunisian crochet, double-ended as well. I wrote the article last summer for Interweave Crochet on double-ended. And, I’ve written over a dozen books for Tunisian crochet. Very familiar. 🙂

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