Carol’s Sewing Room!

I’ve been given the opportunity to have my own Blog Space on the Clover Needlecraft Blog.  Though I wonder sometimes how truly exciting my life is, you are welcome to join me on my creative journey anyway.

I am a seamstress, quilter, designer, teacher, author, knitter, wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother!  As the Director of Education for Clover I need to know every tool and technique that Clover produces…so now, I can honestly add that I have learned the “Art of Crafting” as well.

Carol's Sewing RoomSo come on in and let’s take a look at my sewing room. My husband and I have not retired, but we have down-sized considerably!  Our family home was huge, and I not only had a “Studio”, I had a complete classroom for 10 students.  Now we are in a two-bedroom apartment in urban Portland, Oregon.  One bedroom (the smaller one) is my sewing room and office

Storage and efficiency are the keys to my getting anything done in here.

Make no mistake…this is the tidiest you’ll ever see this space!

About twice a month I look forward to having you peek in to see what’s happening in my sewing room.



15 thoughts on “Carol’s Sewing Room!

  1. Hello Carol, nice to see your spot! Would love to send you some Renaissance Ribbons to see how you turn them into fabulous project! Would that be alright?
    Let me know-Edith Minne-Renaissance Ribbons

  2. About a year ago I moved to the middle of New York State. After 30+ years in Arizona I now live in a house with a basement…mmm can you say “Craft Cave”? I am in the middle of getting it organized. I got half and my SO got the other half. His half has the washer and dryer… hey, I’m getting old not stupid…I will let you know how it all works out.

  3. Looking forward to your blog 🙂 I need to organize like you do. I too have a small room for my sewing and soooooo many things lol

  4. Looking forward to reading your blog. We moved from a rather large home to a much smaller space several years ago and I lost my “sewing room/spare bedroom” space. So my things are scattered all over a split level home in upstate NY. Your space is much more organized and neater than mine!

  5. Wow! Very organized….I wil never be that organized. It looks like I need to invest in plastic. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lynn,

      The key here is that most of the containers are drawers and they stack very well. Each drawer has only items in it that pertain to the tool used. For instance YoYo Templates are all in one drawer, also in that drawer are fabric scraps ready for yoyo making and completed yoyos for the next project. If I need anything that is about yoyos I know right where to go!

  6. I’ve personally been inside Carol’s Sewing Room and it’s a treasure trove of all that is crafting. And it IS quite organized;)

    • Nancy, when we lived in Arizona, we built a storage shed on the carport for all my supplies, so that I still had room to craft in the house.

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