Back in my Sewing Room!

Seems like a long time since I’ve been in my sewing room!

I was away May 16-21 in Kansas City MO. for Spring Quilt Market.  Market is always a highlight for me as I love to see what’s happening and see friends I’ve known for years.

Clover presented new items:

Those fun three-sided boxes called Clam Shells. Oh what fun I’ve had making these.  Please see The Clover Blog for a full lesson on how to make them.  Clover sells the insert and the rest is up to you.  Fran has some fantastic ideas for embellishing…check it out.

Our Kanzashi Family has two new flowers in two sizes…the Daisy and Orchid.  I got to playing around with the flowers and the current colors for Spring 2012.

…before I realized I had an entire palette of Daisies and Orchids cascading down my design board!

I also made up three little pillow cases to show how to use the Fuse ‘n Gather, Wrap ‘n Fuse Pipe and of course the small Yo-Yos

My demo assignment was the French Knitter.  I’m so fascinated by this tool and the jewelry I can make by using it.  More on that later.

I return home and a day later it was off to Hawaii to celebrate 40 years of Marriage.  A delightful trip with so many great memories we shared and made.

Great B&B, Rainbows & Volcanoes plus a whole lot more!

Home, then off again to take care of Granddaughters.

The last piece of exciting news is that I’m writing a book on how to make French Knitted Jewelry!

The sewing room is currently in creative chaos…but it seems that Believing, Inspiring, and Creating are working just fine!

2 thoughts on “Back in my Sewing Room!

  1. Hi, Carol. Been trying to find you and came across your Clover blog…how exciting!! Sounds like you have been busy and I love the things you’re doing. Love the blog and you look great! Take care, Elizabeth Nichols 🙂

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