Baskets made with Ribbons and Raffia

Organization basket ideas!

One great way to use the Basket Frames is for storage.  So this week, we will be creating baskets to store our craft supplies and tools to organize our craft table.  Let’s use ribbons and raffia with our Basket Frames to create our baskets.

bucket of ribbons and raffia

A bucketful of ribbons and raffia’s!  Beautiful and vibrant colors!

Raffia Basket

We alternate different colors of raffia to give this Large Square Basket interest.

Red Ribbon Basket

Oval Basket (Large): Made with red ribbon with a touch of green ribbon on the rim.

Pink and Silver baskets

Oval Basket (Small) and Round Basket (Small) – Made with pink and silver raffia’s and ribbon on the rim with Kanzashi Flower.  The other basket was made with white raffia and the rim was made with the French Knitter.

Basket Collection

Our craft supplies and tools are now neatly organized!

Till next week!

April 26 – Hand-made Gift Basket ideas

Win a gift basket valued at $100.

16 thoughts on “Baskets made with Ribbons and Raffia

  1. Very pretty! I like them even more with the ribbon.

    I submitted my picture of my Clover Template flowers; but, it is not in the Clover Gallery. Will it take a while?

  2. The baskets are beautiful and the options in colors and use is mind boggling. The ideas going thru my head now! 🙂

  3. This project is very beautiful and these baskets are very comfortable, handy for organizing. I like to create these baskets with jute (jute thread).

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