French Knitter Jewelry Making Saga

Welcome to a whole month of French Knitter Jewelry creation!  Every week we will be featuring new ideas to help you make successful jewelry using simple methods, tricks, and materials. We’re excited to share our creations so, let’s get started!!

This week we used Nylon Monofilament or some call it ‘fishing line’ with the French Knitter.  We like nylon because it’s made from a single fiber of plastic so they are pliable plus they come in a variety of thicknesses and colors.  Nylon also makes stringing beads easy because of its strength and flexibility.

The Madonna Necklace

The Madonna Necklace

Using gold beads and pearls with a cross pendant for a dramatic look.


Size 6 small pearls and gold beads (glass beads)

Size 7 large pearls

Beads by Bead Gallery

French Knitter – 5 peg

SuppleMax Nylon Bead Stringing Beadalon

Princess Necklace and Armlet

Princess Necklace and Armlet

Named after her Granddaughter Princess Phillips, this necklace is perfect for a real princess or a queen!   Alicia used 5-pegs for the necklace — dropping sequins and glass beads every other peg.   This gives the necklace a stunning color combination,  Alicia also added 1 layer of chain and a second beaded string to give it depth and drama.  The bracelet was made using the 6-pegs combining both glass beads in pink and clear then finished off with a closure and charm.


Size 6 small pink and clear glass beads

Pink Sequins

Beads by Bead Gallery

French Knitter – 5 peg

SuppleMax Nylon Bead Stringing Beadalon

Tips and Tricks

· We used Wonder Clips as a stopper and for counting to keep track of number of beads.  The flat clip really works well and it’s not heavy.

Wonder Clip in use

· You can be specific on the number of beads you put between every peg or be open to different types of beads to make your jewelry interesting.  In this case, the sequins is the surprise (bead).  Adding sequins stretches your beads and has a twinkling effect.

· We found that it’s easy to use the Embroidery Stitching Tool Threader because it strings and holds several beads at a time.   The long thin wire really helps to pick-up small eye beads. Because the wire provides a wide opening any size fiber is fits nicely to tip providing easy transfer of beads to cord.

Embroidery Threader for Beading

· Use the right tools to make your project easy and stress-free.

· Travel with style – We use Creative Options Rack System for easy transport of beads and tools.

Enjoy the next weeks French Knitter Jewelry saga……




Win this amazing gift set by posting your comments below.  Valued at $100.00

168 thoughts on “French Knitter Jewelry Making Saga

  1. When I was a child, many many years ago, we made a version of this from a wooden thread spool and small nails. We used yarn to make a cable like string with really no use in mind. Just longer and longer – –
    This is certainly a sleek grown up version of that primitive tool and so virsitile. What potential!
    And a very totable item. Thank you. It’s great I lived so long.

  2. The jewelry shown made from this is beautiful. This is something that I will have to add to my to do list and get one.

  3. I mostly sew and quilt and don’t make much jewelry, but the French Knitter has caught my attention. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  4. Never knew about this…I use clover knitting needles and crochet hooks, but this would be new to me….beads have come a long way since I was a kid…very cool idea…Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. This is very cool! I think I have used something similar before, but this whole kit looks amazing! I can imagine making many beautiful things! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. Those were some beautiful examples. I would love to make them myself, but have no tools, I am definitely starting from scratch!

  7. I have so many beads and other jewelry findings that I couldn’ decide how to use. Now I am filled with ideas using his wonderful tool.

  8. Would love to win this kit. But where are the instructions for making the pretty necklaces you show on your site?

  9. I would love to win this. I think it is great that it does not do just one size but is very versatile.

    Thank you for a chance to win one!!.

  10. I just found this blog on allfreebeadedjewelry…what a treasure chest!! Am so excited to see so many projects in one place! Thanks for the invitation to the contest.

  11. This looks like a really cool tool and one could make really cool pieces! I remember the spool with nails! I am going to check this out!

  12. i have been wanting to learn to do beaded crochet. this looks like it would be easier. my mom laughed when she saw this because it reminded her of the trivets i made for all the aunts for Christmas when i was 8. so yes yes yes….i too was a maker of the wooden spool with 4 nails tool. i was a trivet maker then and now i am (among many things) a jewelry maker. i would love to win this set.

    thanks for holding this contest; good luck to everyone!!!!!!!

  13. Wow … I LOVE THIS , I Adore Knitting and LOVE Beading … Two things i Love that would be put together !!!! … OH … I would be sooo Excited to win … i never win anything ! … But even if i dont i’m totaly going to try to find this at my fav craft store … because this looks awesome !! I’m crossing my fingers and toes …lol

  14. Love the Clover products – in fact recommended the bias tape makers in a class I taught today. I’m also a jewellery maker and this is one technique that I have been wanting to try. If I don’t win I hope they will be available in Canada.

  15. I am currently unemployed and when I am not looking for a job I am trying to keep my sanity by working on my jewelry. I would love to add the beautiful pieces I could make with the French Knitter.

  16. I’ve been wanting to learn to make jewelry and this looks like an easy, fun way to get started. Thanks for the chance to win these great products!

  17. I am still getting my jewelry business off the ground, and can use all the tools I can get. I have seen a lot of french knitters but never one used this way. The completed items are very beautiful.

  18. How did you know that I was just getting into knitting jewelry? And this looks so simple to use. Living in Tucson, AZ I went to our fantastic bead show last month and came home with ……. So I would absolutely love to win the French Knitter.

  19. Fantastic Gift Set!!! I would love to win the French Knitter set! Always looking for new ideas,this is Great,to add more tools to my beading,crocheting…..Thanks for giving me a chance to win!

  20. Just luv it!!!! It makes me feel young again. Having a wooden spool with nails and begging for yarn from my mom. Would luv to win it! Just started beading and it would help me get tools together.

  21. I first saw the Clover French Knitter at a Craft Fair, the jewellery sample was a necklace made from yarn. I bought the your original French Knitter, because I am both a knitter and a jewellery maker. This tool has so many possibilities! I would love to win the Gift Set, because it has the new French Knitter – Bead Jewelry Maker with the extra (3rd) head attachment, which means more possibilities. And of course all the other goodies are a bonus!!!

  22. What an awesome idea would love to try it, will be great to do with the grandkids looking forward to trying it out

  23. This looks like it should be the next technique I should learn for my jewelry-making projects. I would love to win this!

  24. WOW WOW WOW, this thing is awsome, i would love to have one, i design jewelry and boy oh bot, i could really go to town with this!
    this machine is amazing, what a fantastic idea!

  25. I am a beginner jewelery maker and I am always looking for something different, I would very much Like to learn how to make that beautiful jewelery. We have a craft shop with several vendors in it and non of them make this kand of jewelery. I would very much like to win this Item and get to making that kind jewelery.

  26. I also remember making the wooden spool knitters, back before video games. We also used our fingers or another nail to work the yarn. I have seen so many new ways go use an old “toy” and I have wanted to show my son, but try to find a wooden spool now. This looks like a far sturdier version than most you find today and my son loves to craft……

  27. I am new to this blog and so glad I stumbled upon it. I love what you can do with this new idea, and I have knitted before but not with jewerly beads. I would love to try it, and I am sure my granddaughters would get a kick out of it as well.

  28. This look interesting. I’ve never made jewelry before but definitely worth the try. Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. Oooh, my spool is fixed. I like how there’s 3, 4, or 5 prongs interchangeable heads. Cool thing to have not just for jewelry but for yarn too.

  30. Would love this set! My daughter and I could make so many wonderful gifts and of course make fashionable jewelry cor ourselves too. The only limit is our imagination!

  31. I would realy love to get this where do I find one ? I make jewerly but can’t seam to make the weaves maybe I’m to old but this might come in handy.

  32. This is beautiful. I am wanting to start selling my creations and would love adding this to my tools to work with to give my creations more also shows how to incorporate different objects into use for projects. That helps people like myself who sometimes get stuck in a rut. I look forward to more ideas

  33. I have a french knitter or knitting spool and use it to make icords but I didn’t know it could be used along with beads to make jewelry. Great idea!

  34. I would love to get this kit. I love to try new crafts and this looks like one I would very much enjoy. I have a big stash of beads and would love to make necklaces for gifts. I have used clover products in the past and love them.

  35. I am kinda new to jewelry making and this would go right along with my getting new products to play with. Thanks

  36. This would SO simplify my jewelry business!! I am a Premier Designs Stylist and I use my hand made creations as prizes and gifts at shows. i LOVE it!

  37. I so love Clover products and would love to win this prize package, it would do so much to help me in getting a business going!! Thanks for the chance!!

  38. This product looks so fantastic, I ordered it ASAP. Can’t wait to try it and will post my progress, once I do.

  39. This looks like a lot of fun to make and add to my collection of jewelry collection of tools. I like combinding differrent crafts and craft items to make jewelry and ornaments. Will be getting this item soon. I need new idea and new tools t play with want this set.

  40. New to kumihimo, and this would work to do some awesome things! It wouldd be so exciting to see what I could do with this!

    Good luck everybody!

  41. Years ago we made a rope necklace like this, but we didn’t have anything like this nice French Knitter . We had taken a large thread spool an bored out the center and added tiny finishing nails on top. The French Knitter would have been so much easier. Wish it was available back 20 years ago.

  42. I’m with Patricia in that I also had something similar as a child – a spool with four small nails and you went round and round and round. It’s nice to know I can now adapt this knowledge to something beautiful – like the French Knitter!!

  43. Oh! Looks like my granddaughter needs this….she loves to bead and make bracelets for all her friends! Thanks…Penny

  44. Wow! What an amazing blog/site! There are so many wonderful project ideas, I don’t know which one to start with! Along with all the great projects are so many products, that half the fun, is deciding which product to buy & use first! Thank you for creating such a fun & informative place for a “new” crafter like me.

  45. The French Knitting Jewelry Maker looks so cool. Seems like it could make a long and tedious time of making jewelry into a quick and fun adventure in experimenting in making all kinds of fashionable pieces of jewelry. This crafty tool looks fun, fun, fun! and winning this would be cool, cool, cool. Good Luck to all of us!

  46. Interesting new tool. I am always on the lookout for jewelry that doesn’t use wire since several of my family members are sensitive to mental. I’ll be watching to see what all you come up with. Any chance of a video showing the tool in action?

  47. French knitting dollies are awesome and fun to create with! Will be fun to try yet another Clover product, they are always quality made and keep my creative side satisfied! Thank you Clover!

  48. This would be something new for me to learn. Looks very similar to beaded crochet. I would love to have a knitter.

  49. My goodness how pretty!My grandkids would have so much fun with this kit!! Can’t wait for the video,thanks for the giveaway.

  50. This looks very interesting to try! I have always liked to try something new and would love to attempt it. It looks like with the tools it would be fairly easy. Thanks for the opportunity…I hope you don’t mind if it I pin this…the pictures are so pretty!

  51. I would love to be able to win this for my wife. She is going thru Chemo and this looks like something she could do while going through treatments at the hospital. She loves to do different crafts and also is always trying something new.

  52. I’ve been beading since the early seventies ,and this knitter is brand new to me.
    I also knit! I love the idea of bringing two of my favorite crafts together.
    I’m sure it will be very exciting to use. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  53. I am a knitter. My mom is a knitter and beader. I would love to join her in the beading department. This looks like a good way for me to start beading.

  54. This kit would be a wonderful addition to my beading craft that I just started about 2 months ago. I have attempted to do crochet beading using size 11 seed beads and have had no luck in getting started. Got my beads all strung, but I cannot seem to get past the first row. I was successful using larger beads, so I am thinking it must be the smaller beads that are so hard to use. I think the French Bead Knitter tool would make using the smaller beads soooo much easier!

    Even if I do not win this kit, I plan on purchasing the tool as soon as it comes available!


  55. This is awesome, It would be a great tool to teach my students with, and a great time saver too, so I can make more and more and more. I would love to have it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  56. I started french knitting with a wooden spool and nails, using a steal crochet hook. It has changed a bit since then. Would love to discover this “new” technique.

  57. Yes, years ago wooden spool and nails was fun then when I was a young girl ..New Knitter tool would be a wonderful adition to my tools.

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  59. Used to make a “rope” of yarn that we would sew in a circle to make doll rugs. Have never thought about using “fishing line” to make jewelry! Would love to give it a try!!

  60. Love the concept and all things bead/knitting. This is on my wish list! Thanks for coming up with great tools for us to use!

  61. The French Knitter is so wonderful. I am always looking to expand my learning and this looks like a great way to do that. Beautiful colors in the jewelry.

  62. Hello, precisely on March 5 wrote in my blog about this product. Publish the video but as we do not use the old version had. I’ll be awaiting the publication of the new videos … :). I hope to get lucky in the draw … 🙂

    Hola, precisamente el 5 de marzo escribi en mi blog sobre este producto. Publique el video pero como no la tenia utilice la version antigua. Estaré pendiente de la publicación de los videos nuevos… :). Espero tener suerte en el sorteo… 🙂

  63. This is neat…would love to win this. I never knew you could do so much with a French Knitter….I do not have one..yet!

  64. I love the products clover has. It makes it easier to create. I have been looking for a way to make necklaces that I could sell and be able to make them quickly.With my creative touch. Many have asked me to give them sets.If I don”t win this I wil be looking to buy.

  65. I have never seen this before and will be including it with my jewelry making processes. It seems to be easy, and can be dressed up or down, depending on the materials used. Hope to win it, but will definitely include it in my run at the store if I do not win.

  66. I would love to have this French Knitter to make some of the beautiful jewelry I have seen posted on this blog. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  67. I had never heard of French knitting before I came upon this page. The jewelery that can be made with it are gorgeous.

  68. I’ve not seen this befoe, but it looks like its going to be a new craft for me. Winning this kit will make it happen.

  69. I love Clover products, my craft room looks like a ad for them! Can’t wait to try this gadget out, I’ve seen it on several of my favorite crafting shows, and on JTV! Looking forward to hours of creative bliss with this tool.

  70. ya, we did this as kids (in the Montana State Orphanage) with a wooden spool and four nails. We all loved it. Never thought of jewelry, I wonder why not? So creative, I need to win this.

  71. I love to try new things. This is something I would really enjoy. Also, I like using all of Clover’s products. Thanks for including me in your giveaway.

  72. I am not a Knitter but I sew and do beading so I hope I can do this. It looks as though I can. These will make wonderful gifts for holidays! The bright colors are in fashion now with so many colors of jeans, etc. the jewelry can be made to match any outfit for any season.

    My sister and I both want one of these and we need to know when they will in stores like Michael’s or JoAnn’s if they will be. Let us know please. Thanks, Kathy

  73. Oh what fun this will be, my grandchildren would love to do this (if they can get it away from me that is)lol. I remember something similar from my childhood, with a wooden spool and yarn. Adding beads makes it even better. Thank you for this give away

  74. I’ve tried other products that are supposed to be like this one, but this one looks much better made and easier to use. I hope I win the contest as I cannot afford to purchase one.

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  77. What a neat tool! The jewelry made with it is gorgeous! What size beads can be used in making necklaces and bracelets! I would love to make some creative jewelry from the French Knitter!

  78. I have a rope necklace of deep red garnets that I Love. I have been wanting to try my hand at making something like it. I make other jewlery pieces but have not tried this type as of yet. THANK YOU FOR THE IDEAS!

  79. The French Knitter looks really easy for making jewelry. I have put this on my wish list for Christmas. If I don’t receive it I will definitely purchase it!

  80. this is the first time i have seen jewelry made with the french knitter. would love to try it, it looks like fun and the jewelry is gorgeous!!!

  81. i loved using the “old time” French Knitters, you know the thread spool and nails. this is much sleeker and i love that you can see through to your finished cord. i have been making jewelry a lot lately and this would make a wonderful addition to my to my many and varied tools. putting together a kit to give away is a marvelous idea. thank you so much…can’t wait to use this tool as soon as i win it!!!!!!! (lol)!!!!!!! beautiful pieces shown.!!!!!!!

  82. I’m using the French Knitter (6 peg) to make a tube of embroidery floss. I want to use it to make an appliqued Celtic Knot on a project. I think if I used some sort of filler, I could make a necklace or bracelet using the knot as part of the fastener. It’s fun to try out different materials for the cord, and different depth with beads.

  83. I recently purchased this product to try with wire and beads to expand my jewelry making techniques. Now after visiting this page I am even more excited to start using it and explore all of the possibilities!

  84. Next time you might be thinking of taking a visit to the high avenue to buy maybe an costly particular person allure bracelet or a blingy cheap fashion accessory think once more. For a fraction of the price on the excessive avenue you could possibly have a home made most likely distinctive one off piece that has been carefully designed and created by hand relatively than mass churned out in some far-off land by most likely underpaid employees. Hand made jewelry artists normally use high-quality materials. Fairly often they are going to make you a piece to your individual necessities as properly. Very seldom are they costly.

  85. I just saw this today and would absolutely love to win this prize! I am always looking for new and creative crafting ideas. I really would like to win…..thank you Kathy

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