Creativity on the Loose

Okay, Okay, Okay, it’s time to clean the work room again….I DO NOT understand why the area I work in stays so messy…..could it be I run from one project to the next in such a state of sheer excitement that I forget the Elves told me long ago they were NOT picking up after me anymore…the cookies I left in payment just didn’t cut it, I guess.

Getting ready for “the next show” is always fun although I often have to unpack my suitcases in order to repack.  Getting ready for the SEW EXPO show in Puyallup, Washington in a couple weeks is my new focus.  I am excited to be working with our YOYO’S AND KANZASHI FLOWER TEMPLATES as well as the TRACE AND CREATE E TABLET TEMPLATE and accessories.

I have been working on a bed cover using the Green YoYo maker and following the Grandmother’s Flower Garden pattern.  I will have fun sharing it and the quick and easy method of making the yoyo’s with our template.


For all of you yoyo enthusiasts be sure and check out the new yoyo quilt pattern by Marcia Layton.  This new one is a cabin in the woods.  I am over the top nuts about her patterns and she loves Clover’s YOYO makers.

The Kanzashi templates are another favorite of mine and having an opportunity to design some of these awesome flowers is always a treat.  I go nuts with the new and exciting fabrics available that make these flowers so special.  What I find is the pattern of the fabric doesn’t matter but the color combinations draws my attention.  Making petals with the fabric you really don’t see the pattern as much as the  color.  Using cover your own buttons makes a lovely finish to the center of the flower.

Working with the TRACE N CREATE E TABLET TEMPLATES has turned into a wild ride!  Now that I have the process figured out I am going nuts making these little covers.  As with all things the more you use or play with something the more ways you find to use it.


As you can see I changed the inside a bit….added a pocket for my drivers license, Starbucks card and paper along with a pen slot in case I hear of a new book I need to read.  With this E-Reader cover I am all set for time to relax and enjoy.


The brown fabric “CALLED TO ME”!!!  I may have to seek therapy to control my need to make these adorable little guys!

I found a new way to use my FUSE AND GATHER – cut a strip of fabric, iron the FUSE AND GATHER down the center and using pinking shears, cut up to the FUSE AND GATHER on both sides.  Pull threads to gather and you have a new kind of ruffle. Great to add on to the New Basket FramesImage

If you’re in the Puyallup, Washington area March 2-4th stop by the Clover Booth, and say hi to Carol and Alicia who will be working with the newest products.  I will be assisting in the Hancock booth and of course Washington’s own, Pacific Fabrics will be featuring Clover products as well.

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