Top 10 Sewing & Quilting Notions of 2013

We wanted to share with you our top 10 notions of 2013. These are the best-selling sewing and quilting notions of the year. Many of these tools may already be in your sewing kit, keep reading to find out if your favorite notion made the cut.

3155 Wonder Clips

1. 3155: Wonder Clips 10 Pk

Wonder Clips have a wide opening for holding multiple layers of fabric. It won’t damage or distort the fabric. Wonder Clip base is flat for easy feeding to presser foot with 1/4″ and 1/2″ seam allowance markings on the base.

The Wonder Clips are great alternative to pins, especially when working with heavy weight fabrics, piles, and vinyls.  It can hold layered sections of sewing projects such as handle connectors to handbags and piping without distortion. Wonder Clips can also hold quilt binding while sewing.


2. 482/W: Seam Ripper

Rip through seams with confidence with Clover’s Seam Ripper. Perfect for ripping out seams, basting threads, cutting thread under buttons.


3. 3157: Jumbo Wonder Clips 24 Pk

Just like the Wonder Clips but in a larger size. The flat back of the Jumbo Wonder Clips have seam allowance marking for ¼”in, ½”in, 3/4”in, and 1”in.

3156 Wonder Clips

4. 3156: Wonder Clips 50 Pk

The 50 pack of Wonder Clips came from the many requests for larger quantity packages. They’re easy to see and easy to find when dropped on the floor.

Wonder Clips have a wide opening for holding multiple layers of fabric. It won’t damage or distort the fabric. Wonder Clip base is flat for easy feeding to presser foot with 1/4″ and 1/2″ seam allowance markings on the base.

517 - White Marking Pen-rev

5. 517: White Ink Marker

Use this marking tool for when working with dark fabrics. White lines remove quickly when pressed with a hot iron.

463 package-rev

6. 463: Seam Ripper

The small ball on the point will prevent damaging materials when used.


7. 9506: 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge

Nancy Zeiman Says: “The 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge is my go-to sewing notion!  Whether quilting or sewing, I find it a versatile and accurate tool to measure, mark and create.  In the past I’ve used 5 different tools to do the job of this one gauge – now that’s a streamline notion!”

4710-47136 Pen Style Chaco Liners

8. 4712: Pen Style Chaco Liner

Pen Style Chaco Liners fine point permits accurate drawing of both straight lines and free hand curves.  The fine point makes lines and marks more visible and is easy to use with a straight edge ruler.  Easy replacement refill available.

462 Double Needle Threader

9. 462/NV: Double Needle Threader

You can thread both large-sized needles and small-sized needles. Thread the tiniest of needles with the Double Needle Threader



10. 2507: Patchwork Pins


Extra-fine pins, which smoothly pass through fabric.  Useful for precise pinning in delicate piecework and applique.  Head is made of Iron proof glass.  100 pins/case.  Size is 0.40 x 36 mm.

Did your favorite Clover sewing notion make the cut?

Bamboo Week

Jan and Jill Moray

Everything is Bamboo this week at Clover. This strong and hardy fiber is used to create Clover’s Takumi Bamboo Knitting Needles. Clover uses a careful and detailed process to deliver exceptional Bamboo products. Find out more about what makes Clover’s knitting needles stand out from the rest in the links below.

New to knitting? Our friends at the Knitting Channel will show you the way. Join Jill Moray as she provides step by step instructions for her revolutionary knitting technique known as the Knitting Pretty Method. Complete all your knitting projects quicker, with uniformed stitches, and less fatigue on your hands with the Knitting Pretty Method!

Friday Finds – Embroidery Notions

threaderIt’s been a fun week looking at embroidery tools and projects. We searched about, and found a few reviews of our favorite embroidery notions- Embroidery Threader, Embroidery Stitching Tool, and Protect and Grip Thimbles.  If you’ve been thinking about adding to your stash, we hope you’ll find these product reviews helpful:

Make It Monday – Needle Felted Cuff

IMG_1005single needle toolWe hope you’re out enjoying the company of family and friends on this Memorial Day.  Here’s a little crafting inspiration for the quiet moments in your day.  We put together a pdf file with all the information you need to create a colorful needle felted cuff similar to the one in the video we shared with you last week. Click on the link to the printable directions for all the information you need to create your own cuff.

Make It Monday – Pom Pom Hydrangeas

pompomhydrangeasHave you tried making pom-poms with fabric?  It gives the pom-pom a whole new look, perfect for a spring bouquet.  It’s easy to do if you use a rotary cutter to cut the fabric, and is a wonderful way to use scraps from quilting and sewing projects.  Here’s the link to all the directions for the flowers shown on the left.  The little trick to get the fluffy look is giving the pom-poms a trim at the end with pinking shears.  It’s the little touches that make all the difference.  Just imagine how these would look in other fabrics such as denim, burlap, or even knit fabric.  How would you make your pom pom flowers?

We’re putting together a flower making prize package this week to help someone make beautiful May flowers.  Any requests on tools we should include?

Earth Day Finds

Earth DayReduce, Reuse, and Recycle is the perfect way to honor the planet, and minimize our footprint.  For those of us who craft and create, it’s a way of life.  We’re always setting aside little found treasures to add into our next projects.  You know you’re a true crafter when family and friends also squirrel away little treasures they think you might be able to use in your creations. Earth Day is a great time to share our thrifty ways. We’d love to hear about your found treasures and how you use them.

Here’s a few things we found this week to kick start your Earth Day projects:

We hope these ideas inspire new projects for you this Earth Day weekend.  How are you celebrating?