Tool School: Sewing & Quilting All-Stars


By Steve Butler

What is it?
Every organization has its all-stars, its MVP’s. These are the people, objects or ideas you go to when it counts, when you need the very best. And Clover is no different. It has its all-stars too. They are our most in demand, time tested and innovative sewing tools. They have become valued accessories to every creative endeavor. If you have a sewing kit that covers all facets of sewing, the Clover Top Ten should be in it.

What does it do?
Sewing is comprised of some very basic, but vitally important functions. We measure, we mark, we hold the cut pieces in place so we can sew them together in some preplanned organization to result in the final object. If we make a mistake, we pull the stitches out and reset the pieces until we are satisfied. The Clover Top Ten forms the collection of tools necessary to accomplish all of these functions.

Wonder Clips
Wonder Clips are perhaps the most versatile and useful sewing tool ever devised. For years sewers, knitters and crafters have used binder clips, hair pins or even clothes pins for any number of sewing applications where an alternative to pins is desired. Now sewers can hold sections of fabric together without puckering or leaving holes, knitters can hold sections of sleeves, collars or pockets in place at desired seams before joining, and crafters have a “third hand” to hold parts in place while other work is being done. The 10 pack is our best seller. The 100 pack comes in at number five which just proves that 10 will never be enough.


Seams Right
The Clover Seams Right measuring gauge is one of the most useful measuring tool for sewing and knitting ever devised. Almost everything we do in sewing and knitting requires some measuring function and the more precise the measurement the better our result. The most often used measurements of 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ and 1″ are prominent and are easy to identify. The Seams Right is made of sturdy aluminum so it’s easy to use while manipulating your fabric or checking seams while sewing. It’s a virtual reference tool in your hand.3

Seam Ripper
The Clover Seam Ripper is an all time super star. A comfortable handle, long shaft and precision point make this the tool of choice for fashion, quilting or home decor. Whether you’re “picking” out stitches made in error, just changed your mind on a design or are opening up a button whole, the Clover Seam Ripper is amazingly easy to use. The semi-flattened handle even prevents it from rolling off of your sewing table. Yep, we’ve thought of everything. 4

Gold Eye Embroidery Needles
Sooner or later almost every sewing project requires that you put thread in a needle and sew something together. When that time comes a quality needle really is a difference maker. The Gold Eye Embroidery Needle has a unique elongated oval shape for easy threading and for multiple threads. The nickel finish ensures a smooth, easy pull through the fabric. This is just a great all purpose needle.5

Spring Tape Measure
The Spring Tape Measure is about as simple as it gets. Handy, compact case with a retractable tape measure marked in both inches and centimeters. The tape itself is constructed of fiber glass to prevent stretching. You get precise measurements every time.6

Pen Style Chaco Liner
The Pen Style Chaco Liner utilizes chalk from a serrated rotating wheel at the tip to make our marks. This allows a very smooth application of marking chalk in any straight or curved design on virtually any textile surface. It is available in 5 colors and has cartridge style refills. The color selection allows us to find the one that contrasts the best with our fabric. When the marks are no longer needed they can be simply brushed or washed away. Warning: ironing or dry cleaning the chalk marks may make them difficult to remove.7

5-in-1 Sliding Gauge
The 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge and it is the Swiss Army Knife® of measuring tools. Quilting, fashion, home decor, heirloom all start with making a measurement. Being able to precisely measure and place our hems, seams, pin tucks, button holes, appliqué, circles or whatever else will ensure that your creative inspiration is achieved. Close only counts in horse shoes. If you want it perfect (and we do), the 5-in-1 is the tool of choice.8

Protect and Grip Thimble
The Protect and Grip Thimble is constructed with a metal tip to articulate with the needle and with “vented” rubber sides to hold it in place on your finger. The metal tip has dimples to hold the needle head in place and a pronounced ridge around the top to provide extra holding should it be required. The vented rubber sides allow circulation to keep your finger cool. The compact size and weight of this thimble makes it a natural for detail work like hand quilting or appliqué. Available in three sizes.9

White Marking Pen
The White Marking Pen is afine point pen that is light activated and results in a fine white line. The light color and fine point makes very precise lines on dark, smooth fabrics. The fine point is ideal for tracing on templates. Because the markings are light activated there is a slight time delay in their appearance, the length of that delay depending on the intensity of the activating light. The markings are eliminated simply by ironing.10

How do I share it?
These are the Top Ten most valuable tools as determined by sewers, quilters and crafters everywhere. Every one of these sewing tools can be used in almost every project we undertake. They belong in every sewing cabinet and travel bag. Clover quality makes them perfect. Put an assortment together with a cool sewing basket and sell them as a bundle. That same assortment is also a great gift for someone who’s just purchased their dream sewing machine.

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