Standing Oval Loom Sock and Hand Warmers

3178_Standing Oval Knitting Loom ModelRGB

Knit beautiful designs with a loom and hook. Easily knit scarves, socks, hand warmers and more with Clover’s Standing Oval Knitting Loom. The arch on the oval shape makes knitting heel and toe portions for socks a breeze. Collapsible stand for easy storage, fold out legs to view your design as you knit.

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Takumi Circular Needle Organizer


Right now in the dead of Winter it may not feel like it, but soon it will be Springtime. What do we all tend to do once the weather warms up (I mean, other than sit on the patio with wine and friends)? That’s right, Spring clean which also means, get organized! Well, theoretically. We can aspire to that plan, anyway. Continue reading