Tool School Hold It Precision Stiletto by Joan Hawley

What is it? – Check out “stiletto” in the unabridged dictionary and you start reading about stylish heels or a long narrow knife with a sharp point.  Look it up in the Clover dictionary and you read about something entirely different.  The Hold It Precision Stiletto is an incredibly useful sewing tool designed by Clover in conjunction with Joan Hawley. Modern sewist require precision cutting, sewing and pressing.  Unfortunately some of these activities put our fingers in precarious proximity to either hot things or sharp things or both.  Done incorrectly we end up wounded or our work is not as precise as we envisioned and we’re disappointed.  So how can we achieve our sewing goals without risking injury from irons or needles?  Enter the Clover Precision Stiletto, brilliant in simplicity and flawless in function.  The tool itself resembles a long pen and should be held as such.  One end has a gentle curve and sports a “pointy” tip.  The other end is straight and has a silicone angled “grippy” tip that is somewhat flattened to increase its holding function.  Both tips are designed for optimum reach and visibility and the grippy tip is heat resistant so no worries about it melting on your fabric.  The Precision Stiletto is an extremely useful sewing tool that will make life way easier, and safer, at both the ironing board and the sewing table.
What does it do? –  The Clover Precision Stiletto is a natural for any application that requires detailed ironing or stitching.

  • The Precision Stiletto is perfect for holding fabric in place for precision pressing.  Doll clothes, appliqué, mitered corners, or any other close or small work can be held safely in place while ironing.  Use either the pointy or the grippy tip, whichever is most suitable. Iron right up against the grippy tip for more precision.
  • The Precision Stiletto is equally adept at the sewing table.  Fabric manipulation across the needle plate of either a serger or a sewing machine can pose problems with the confluence of needles, feed dogs, presser feet, pins, fabric and fingers, all in a very small space.  How do you keep track of all of that? The stiletto allows us to hold the fabric sans hands right up to where the action takes place.  This prevents any painful punctures or pinches and allows more visibility and control of our stitching.  Again, use which ever tip meets the needs of your fabric and sewing applications.

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Tool School with Steve Butler, Iron Finger by Press Perfect

7802_Iron_Finger (2)

What is it? – So much of what we do in sewing requires precision ironing. Careful pressing equals flat hems and seams. However, tiny hems, seams, points, appliqué and delicate creative shapes allow little space for stabilizing our projects while we press. The problem arises when we get that hot iron in close proximity to our cool fingers. Too close and it’s sailor talk and nobody wants that. So how do we accommodate the creative demands of our project while protecting our fingers? Simple, put Clover’s Iron Finger to work. It’s a modern tool designed for modern sewing and craft techniques and applications. Designed with emerging requirements in mind, this is truly a multifunction tool. Broom handles, wooden spoon handles, spatulas, etc., have all been used and advocated by the creatively innovative. Clover’s Iron Finger combines the benefits of all of them into one tool and coated it with heat resistant silicon so nobody gets burned. The round handle is soft and easy to grip without slipping and the multi-shaped tip allows you to hold your fabric or craft surfaces securely while you press them.

What does it do? – The Iron Finger allows you to hold, shape and press any number of materials with efficiency and safety.

  • Most notably the Iron Finger can hold your fabric and allow you to press right up to it without concern for heat damage. The finest, most detailed ironing applications are now easy.
  • The spatula tip is a great substitute for finger pressing. It’s narrow enough to get into the tightest spaces and has just enough flexibility to smooth your fabric. You can even roll the Iron Finger across your fabric to press seams open..
  • Need to press a narrow seam without creasing the edges of a narrow tube shape? Easy. Simply slide the Iron Finger into the tube shape lined up with the seam and iron away. Flat seam, no creases. Don’t want seam imprints ironed through your fabric, same process. Again, easy.
  • The Iron Finger can also be used to turn or point fabric that is loosely woven or knitted. The broad point or spatula shape manipulates the fabric but doesn’t poke through.

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Tool School with Steve Butler, Carefree Curves

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.03.17 PM

What is it? – In a recent class we discussed how easy it is to create perfect half-square and quarter-square triangle blocks for quilts using the No Hassles Triangles Gauge. Well, that’s great and it allows us to make a seemingly endless array of quilt designs. But they’re all straight lines. What do we do if we want to make quilt blocks with curves or circles? Old school requires joining apposing curves cut from a template. That is not only labor intensive but requires a great deal of skill to make sure the seams lie flat and that both the edges and the seams line up evenly on joining blocks to form your desired pattern. And what about seam allowances? Don’t even want to think about it. A daunting task to say the least, or at least it used to be. Enter Nancy Zieman’s Carefree Curves Quilting Templates. Now we can form perfect circles and curves without all of the hassle of cutting and stitching apposing curved seams and all the math is done for you. All of those projects that you always wanted to do but thought impossible are now possible, even for the novice quilter. Now endless variations of Circle Blocks, Hearts & Gizzards Blocks and Fan Blocks lie easily at your finger tips. The rest is up to you.

What does it do? – Carefree Curves is a set of three templates that enables you to form the following shapes effortlessly so you can spend most of your time just being creative.

  • The Circle Block template allows you to make full, half or quarter square circle blocs in three sizes. 11″ circle on a 14″ finished block, 8 1/2″ circle on a 12″ finished block and a 6″ circle on a 8″ finished block. With your perfect blocks you are now free to organize them into any number of patterns from Mohawk Trail to Fools Puzzle to Drunkard’s Path to Mill Wheel or anything that satisfies your creative craving.
  • The Hearts and Gizzards template allows you to make 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ finished blocks in the distinctive half-heart shaped pattern. Combine them in any order or orientation to form Hearts and Gizzards, Blooming Hearts, Ferris Wheel or something of your own. You can even mix and match sizes.
  • The Wagon Wheel and Fan template enables you to form Wagon Wheel finished blocks in 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″ and 24″ sizes and Fan finished blocks in 8″, 9″, 10″, 11″ and 12″ sizes. From there it is easy to form Wagon Wheel, Ferris Wheel, Lady’s Fan patterns or any other traditional or contemporary quilt design or maybe even something of your own.

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Point 2 Point Turner by Joan Hawley


An essential tool for any sewing room has always been a basic point turner. It’s simply handy for so many tasks that it’s nice to have one for every work area.

Point2Point diagram

Our Point 2 Point Turner in the new Press Perfect line by Joan Hawley has features at both ends and all edges so the whole tool is loaded with functionality.

It’s like the Swiss Army knife of point turners!

Point 2 Point is 6 tools in one:
– 2 Point Turners
– 2 Curved edges to push out seams
– Finger Presser
– Hera Marker

It’s also longer than other turners so there is more to hold on to, giving it better visibility, control and utility.

It’s left/right handed and has a big beefy center for an easy grip. It’s made of hard resin plastic material so it’s strong.

End Point Turner
The traditional end point turner is perfect for reaching into those areas that have narrow access.

Point2Point 5

Side Point Turner
When you have room to work on a corner like this one, the side point allows you to approach from the side, with the grain of the fabric. We risk stretching across the bias with the traditional approach. But finally, we can push the point out with the grain and not stretch or distort the point.

Point2Point 2

Hera Marker
The sharp edge of a Hera Marker allows you to mark a line in the fabric without using any chemicals, pens, or markers. So you don’t have to worry about chemical marks showing up later, or through your fabric. It’s a quick and easy way to make a mark for placement of a design element.

Point2Point 3

Curved Seams
There is finally something to help push out along curved seams. The gently curved end will glide smoothly along a curved seam. This is also the Hera Marker, which is tapered to be very thin at the edge, allowing the curved edge to really get into the seam and do a nice job.

Point2Point 4

Join Steve Butler in this weeks Tool School

Sewing Notion Essentials

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 3.59.33 PM

Marking Station

Select the right marker for the job.

Air Erasable Marker: Markings disappear in 2-7 days or immediately with water. A fast way of making placement markings that will go away after construction. Select from:

  • Art No. 5030 Extra Fine Purple Marker
  • Art No. 5031 Thick Purple Marker
  • Art No. 5032 Fine Purple Marker with Eraser

Water Erasable Marker: Markings stay until washed out with water. Great for marking quilting lines, embroidery placement, etc. Select from:

  • Art No. 515 Water Erasable Marker (Fine)
  • Art No. 516 Water Erasable Marker (Thick)

White Marking Pen: Essential for marking on dark fabric, markings will disappear when ironed. Note: Wait for a minute or two after drawing for the lines to appear.

  • Art No. 517 White Marking Pen (Fine)

Chaco Liner Pen Style: Wheel tip powder chalk, delivers accurate markings for straight lines and freehand curves. Select from:

  • Art No. 4710 (Blue)
  • Art No. 4711 (Pink)
  • Art No. 4712 (White)
  • Art No. 4713 (Yellow)
  • Art No. 4714 (Silver)

Cutting Station

Measure Twice Cut Once! Find an assortment of rulers that are easy for you to read and manage and allow you to cut next to the straight edge…and are accurate!

Rotary Cutter: Cuts fabric clean and easy with just the right amount of blade exposed, whether held standing up or seated. The soft cushion handle is comfortable with a reversible blade cover for left- or right-handed use. The 45mm cutter is the work horse for the majority of cuts, but, again we remind you to select the best tool for your project. Select from:

  • Art No. 7500 Rotary Cutter 45mm The standard
  • Art No. 7501 Rotary Cutter 28mm Great for curves
  • Art No. 7502 Rotary Cutter 60mm Great for lots of layers or flannels
  • Art No. 7503 Rotary Cutter 18mm Great for circles and tight turns

Cutting Mat: Required with use of a rotary cutter! These mats are created to receive the acutely sharp rotary blade. The surface has memory and will self heal after a cut has been made with the rotary cutter. Select from:

  • Art No. 7520 Cutting Mat (12” x 18”)
  • Art No. 7521 Cutting Mat (18” x 24”)
  • Art No. 7522 Cutting Mat (24” x 36”) Best coverage.

Scissors: There are scissors and then there are scissors! Scissors need to be comfortable in hand and cut precisely all the way to the tip. You’re paying for the entire blade; make sure it cuts at every increment. You will want a small scissor for close hand work (Embroidery, Appliqué, etc.) a medium size for general cutting and a large size for major extended cutting projects. Select from:

  • Art No. 493/CW Patchwork Scissors (Mini) 4 ½”
  • Art No. 4932 Clover Ultimate Bent Tip Scissors 5 ¼”
  • Art No. 4933 Clover Ultimate Scissors EX-170 6 ¾”
  • Art No 4940 NZ (Nancy Zieman) Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors 5 ⅛”
  • Art No. 4941 NZ Bordeaux Ultimate Scissor 6 ¾”
  • Art No 4942 NZ Bordeaux Ultimate Scissor 7 ¾”

No-Hassle Triangle Gauge: This is essential for anyone needing to cut half- & quarter-square triangles. This guide is for the easy method of cutting squares, drawing a diagonal through the center and sewing a scant ¼” on each side of the diagonal line. The squares must be cut large enough to include the center seam allowances as well as the seam allowance needed on all four sides of the square. The No-Hassle Triangle Gauge has the measurements for the half and quarter square triangles all figured out for a 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, & 6” finished square. The positioning of the gauge on the square at the diagonal provides for a “spot on” diagonal line every time.

  • Art No. 9578 No-Hassle Triangles Gauge

Sewing Station

Ok we make an assumption here that you have a sewing machine, cleaned, oiled, and in great working order! Bobbin is filled and the machine is threaded and from this point you’re ready to sew! Accurate seams and fabric management are helpful here to make sewing and fitting successful.

Seam Allowance Gauge: It is very necessary to have some kind of handy and smallish guide that is right by your machine for easy reference. While a larger ruler may be accurate they are sometimes awkward at the sewing machine site. Both of these items are equally used in the design and marking stations as well. Select from:

  • Art No. 9507 Seams Right
  • Art No. 9506 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge

Pins: These are necessary for holding pieces of fabric together mainly at key areas where slipping or sliding may occur. Select from:

  • Art No. 2506 Flower Head Pins Boxed
  • Art No. 2509 Quilting Pins (Fine)

Wonder Clips: This is the clear choice if your project is made out of vinyl, leather, or has multiple layers. Actually the number of ways these clips can be used is piling up daily and is on every sewists must have list. Select from:

  • Art No. 3155 Wonder Clips (10 pcs.)*
  • Art No. 3156 Wonder Clips (50 pcs.)*
  • Art No. 3159 Wonder Clips (100 pcs.)*

*New Assorted and Neon Green colors available now.

Curved Awl: This tool is very helpful with control while ushering fabric up to and under the pressure foot. The curved feature allows a great “site line” between your eye and the pressure foot leading to accurate seam allowances. It is also handy for pulling back a stitch or (six!) that may have crossed over into an area where they are not needed or relive the area where six to eight seams come together to form a star center.

  • Art No. 4880 Curved Awl

Seam Ripper: It is going to happen…Clover has the best.

  • Art No. 482/W Seam Ripper

Small Scissors: See cutting station recommendations

Hand Work Station

For some of you this will never happen!

For a whole lot more sewists this is an important station and one that has several sewing essentials. From sewing on a button to finishing touches and embellishments you’ll need some supplies to make this easier.

Needles: Black Gold hand sewing needles are revolutionary! Polished vertically along the axis and coated with ultra-thin black plating for anti-rust resistance…astonishing smoothness with every stitch. Select from:

  • Art Nos. 4960-4963 Quilting Between Slightly shorter and narrower than a Quilting Needle. (I use these for hand quilting)
  • Art Nos. 4970-4973 Appliqué/Sharps A good, all-purpose needle (longest) .
  • Art Nos. 4980-4983 Quilting   A good all-purpose needle

Needle Threader: Fast and easy on the eyes!

  • Art Nos. 4071-4073 Desk Needle Threader

Scissors: See Cutting Station recommendations

Pressing Station

For years this station has been limited to an ironing board an iron. Our Press Perfect Line offers some items that are now truly essentials to a more convenient and fine finish.

Iron Safe: Your iron may be the top of the line or just barely serviceable, whichever it is, say “good bye” to the nasty soleplate. The iron safe has a non-stick surface where adhesives simply wipe off. Prevents scorch, burn, and shine. I’ve put mine on and don’t plan to ever remove it!

  • Art No. 7804 Iron Safe

Point 2 Point Turner: This is a nice hefty tool that is comfortable in the right or left hand. Turns out sharp corners or curved seams without punching through the fabric. Can be used as a Hera marker or finger presser as well.

  • Art No. 7803 Point 2 Point Turner

Hot Hemmer: Measure, mark, and press straight hems, round, interior and miter corners. Press directly on the ruler…does not heat up or slip.

  • Art No. 706 Hot Hemmer

Ironing Surface for Details: One of the most frustrating moments in pressing is not being able to get into a seam to iron it properly.. Whether the project is a garment, hand bag, quilt, or doll clothes, standard boards do not allow the opportunity to isolate small details or seams. Select from:

  • Art No. 7800 2×4 Mighty Mini Board
  • Art No. 7802 Iron Finger

New from Clover!!!!

new items

Clover is proud to present a new color assortment for Clover Wonder Clips. Wonder Clips Neon Green come in a 10 and 50 piece as well as a Jumbo. Assorted includes; blue, yellow, orange, pink, and purple and they come in a 10 and 50 piece pack. Wonder Clips hold heavyweight fabrics, vinyl and layers section of sewing projects. They are also easy to see and feature seam allowance marks on the base of the clip. Clover has now made it easy to clip and stow with our  Wonder Clip Wrist Cushion. This fun accessory will make organizing your clips easy and you’ll never have to look for your clips again. Don’t have these yet? Make sure to visit our website and order yours now!

What’s your favorite new item???