A Look Back at Craftcation 2018

Craftcation, an annual celebration of the arts brought to you by Dear Handmade Life took place in Ventura, California from April 4-8th 2018. Clover was there. Read about our experience.

Clover as a Proud Sponsor

Classes Sponsored by Clover

Beginning Weaving: Weave a Necklace

Using our Mini Weaving Loom students learned how to warp a loom, weave with a needle and shuttle, and remove work from the loom. Attendees practiced these methods as they made a woven necklace to wear home.

Photo courtesy of @dearhandmadelife

Photo courtesy of @hobbsbatting

Keynote Dinner DIY

As we awaited food, attendees had time to do some DIY! At the Clover DIY station we taught participants how to make tassels and pom poms using our Tassel Makers and Pom Pom Makers.

Casual Crafting: Pom Pom and Flower Loom Earrings

Students played with a variety of yarn, jewelry findings, Pom Pom Makers and Flower Looms to make a pair of unique earrings.

Beyond Knit and Purl: Picture Knitting

Knitters learned a new knitting technique with intarsia. A technique that makes knitting an image into your work a neat possibility. Using Takumi Knitting Needles just makes the experience that much better.

Other fun activities

Learn more about Craftcation!

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