Tool School: Standing Oval Knitting Loom

By Steve Butler

What is it?–  Knitting is fun, productive, cathartic, expressive and creative.  But mostly it’s creative.  In fact, when it comes to the selection of yarns available with all of the exciting colors, textures, and fibers that constitute them, your creative quotient is virtually unlimited.  All you need is a creative idea, that yarn you’ve been coveting down at the yarn shop all week and a great set of knitting needles or a loom.  Wait, what?  A loom? Yes, a loom.  They’re not just for weaving anymore.   It’s just like knitting except the loom is holding the stitches for you instead of the needles.  Why would you want to use aloom instead of knitting needles?  Well, some projects are easier and faster with the loom.  Think socks.  It’s also a welcome alternative to knitting with needles for those who might have physical limitations that limit or prevent necessary needle skills.  And what a great gateway to the knitting culture.  Any age, any skill level can apply for inclusion.  And now Clover has manufactured the ideal loom.  Made of quality materials and designed to be convenient in a multitude of applications, the Standing Oval Knitting Loom is a welcome addition to your knitting repertoire.ol

Standing Oval Knitting Loom
Art. No 3178

What does it do? – The idea is simple.  Select a cool project and some killer yarn.  Wrap your yarn around the individual pegs and then use the included hook to pull the bottom loop of yarn over the top loop of yarn.  Repeat until complete.  Follow the directions for your project or “wing it” to suit your own independently conceived design.  Twenty-four pegs on an oval base with legs allows you to create a wide range of sizes and shapes.  Socks, fingerless gloves, scarves, belts, all made to your personal specifications with your selection of yarns to produce your project just as you envisioned it.

How do I share it? – Socks, who knew?  Everybody wears them but they’ve become a real fashion accessory.  Check Nordstrom.  Show some samples that you made and have a class.  It’s contagious.  A great follow on activity is a “Sock Contest”.  Put the class socks on display and let customers vote for their favorite.  Everyone will want to join in.  The standing oval knitting loom is just fun and fast and creative and the perfect addition to any knitting studio for any age or ability knitter.  On top of everything else, it’s portable.  Take it with you when you’re out of your studio.  It’s a real stash burner too.  Socks, gloves and scarves for everyone for Christmas!

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Use the Standing Oval Knitting Loom to make gifts for your loved ones this Christmas!

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4 thoughts on “Tool School: Standing Oval Knitting Loom

  1. For those of us who are beginners, it would be nice if the tutorial would start at the beginning of the process instead of part way through…

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