Tool School: Marking Pins

By Steve Butler

What is it?  Whether we’re into knitting or crochet we’re always making something, something made of individual pieces.  And that something usually means putting those component pieces together.  We all know there are several techniques for joining our knitted or crocheted pieces and that those techniques vary depending on our creative inspiration.  Do we want the seams to be invisible or not?  Perhaps we want them to be very visible and part of our decorative design as in, really standout.  Regardless there is one constant.  At some point we’ll need to attach the sleeves to the dress, baste the pocket to the vest or join a sweater at the shoulders.  But once we’ve positioned our knitted or crocheted pieces just where we want them, how can we hold them securely and precisely in place while the joining stitches are applied?  The answer is simple, Clover’s knitting marking pins in either bamboo or steel.

Bamboo Marking Pins
Art. No 3143

Marking Pins for Knitting
Art. No 325

What does it do? -Depending on the gauge of our yarn the requirements for our marking pins varies.  To accommodate this Clover produces both bamboo and steel marking pins.  For heavier yarns Clover’s Bamboo Marking Pins are the fastest, least invasive way to hold our knitted or crocheted pieces together while we apply joining stitches to the seams.  The naturally smooth bamboo finish assures that they are easy to place but are not so slick that they fall out.  They are also long enough to stick through heavy knitted fabrics and the rounded point protects yarns from splitting.  They’re also great for fashion closers, you know, in place of buttons.  For finer yarns and more detailed work, Clover provides steel marking pins. Smooth and with a blunt tip it slides easily between the finer yarns without damaging the fibers. The flat head makes manipulation easy and precise.  Bamboo or steel?  Just remember to always use the right tool for the right job.  In either case, Clover has you covered.

How do I share it? – Clover’s Bamboo and Marking Pins for Knitting are amazingly helpful and easy to use.  They are is truly an essential tool for every knitting or crochet studio.  Make them part of your classes when pinning sleeves or basting pockets and provide showroom demonstrations for your casual shoppers.  It will become readily apparent to everyone that these cool little marking pins are a simple solution for making all things knitting and crochet stable and easy to work with.

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