What’s New for Fall 2017?

We are thrilled to introduce our latest development in products for Fall 2017.

Clover has once again teamed up with Nancy Zieman to bring you I Sew For Fun. A robust program designed to share a fun and creative experience with young enthusiastic sewists! Products include a Wonder Clips in fun, new colors, a presser foot for perfect for sewing beginners, a seam guide and so much more!

Read all about I Sew For Fun by Nancy Zieman here.

Curve Ruler with Mini Ruler

An essential set of rulers for pattern drafting and adjustments for garment sewing and fashion design. Rulers can be used for arm holes, neck lines, hip lines, hems, or for small adjustments. 3 pc set: French Curve, Hip Curve, Mini Ruler (1×6”)

Art. No 7006

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3 thoughts on “What’s New for Fall 2017?

  1. I am waiting for you to come up with a mini iron for left handed people where the cord is coming out of either the back of the iron or the left side. The right sided ones get in the way and rub my hand and wrist. I have written to you before and haven’t received a reply as yet.

  2. A nice collection of tools for just starting sewists. I love anything Nancy designs but, to be honest I know more millennial men and women who are interested in trying sewing than younger girls. I wonder if designing solely with tween girls in mind as new sewists is a dated concept in 2017. A collection designed for an adult’s new sewing tool stash seems very timely.

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