Tool School: Circular Stitch Holders

By Steve Butler

What is it?  Knitting is a method by which we manipulate a strand of yarn to create a textile or fabric of some sort.  This is done by forming loops of yarn, our stitches, on a knitting needle.  By transferring these active stitches between two or more knitting needles we form our fabric.  By manipulating these stitches we can form shapes or dimensions within that fabric. Cool, but at this point Hamlet probably would have said, “ay, there lies the rub.”  Yes, exactly.  This is where the problem or challenge arises.  We know what we want to do but how do we do it?   Our pattern calls for a particular procedure to be performed but leaves the “how” up to us.  Often one of those procedures calls for us to put designated open stitches on hold, to simply remove them from active work until later in the pattern.  How do we do that while maintaining our stitch security as well as the integrity of our knitted fabric?  Well, let’s take the leap from 16th century Shakespeare to 20th century MacGyver to figure out that “how”.  A short journey on the internet reveals an wide array of both manufactured and homemade stitch holders ranging in construction design everywhere from hyper-extended aluminum safety pins to gimmicky leather cords with attached needles to repurposed paper clips.   All would do in a pinch if you were MacGyver.  But we’re not MacGyver and we don’t want to simply “get by” as he did.  And we don’t have to settle because Clover has manufactured the perfect tool for any occasion where we need to safely hold a section of stitches open.  So relax Hamlet, we got this.  Clover’s Circular Stitch Holder is the “how” for fast and smooth knitting for hats, socks, gloves, sweaters or any other knitted project requiring open stitches in the process.  And MacGyver, we won’t be needing you at all.

Circular Stitch Holder (Short)
Art. No 3161

Circular Stitch Holder (Long)
Art. No 3162

What does it do? – Clover’s Circular Stitch Holder is a simple and convenient way to store any work in progress or to hold stitches open as per instructions provided in any particular pattern.  You simply slip your stitches off your working needle onto the stitch holder.  The smooth stainless steel needle makes manipulation of your stitches smooth and precise.  The pliable nylon cord allows your kitted project to lie flat and keep its shape.  By inserting the needle into to rubber stopper your stitches will be saved and held securely.  By pulling the bead on the opposite side of the rubber stopper you can adjust the length of the cord and “snug up” your stitches so they don’t lose their shape or integrity.  Two sizes of Circular Stitch Holders are available, short for 9-16 inches of work and long for 24-36 inches of work.

As an added bonus Clover’s Circular Stitch Holder makes an excellent life line.  Smooth and flexible, it’s easy to insert and remove in even the most complicated stitch patterns.  If a mistake is discovered during your knitting process, it will be there to save your work (and your sanity).

How do I share it? – Clover’s Circular Stitch Holder belongs in every knitting studio and kit.  The more accomplished we become as knitters, the more complex and challenging our creative aspirations become.  Working with poorly designed or re purposed knitting tools only adds to the difficulty of our creative efforts.  Showing the amazing benefits of Clover’s Circular Stitch Holder in both classes and in-store demonstrations will let everyone know that any anticipated difficulty with pattern compliance or stitch manipulation is completely unnecessary.  Even in the most creative endeavors, the patterns we all want to do, are now within everyone’s grasp.

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