Rosette Maker Inspiration

New to the Clover line is…the Rosette Maker!

What you’ll need: 

    • Ribbon, fabric, thread, needle, scissors, glue
    • Rosette Maker (Small)-Art. No 8430
    • or Rosette Maker (Large)-Art. No 8431

Note: Small Rosette Maker uses 5/8in ribbon while large Rosette Maker used 1in ribbon.

How it works: 

Step 1: Insert the end of ribbon from beneath the plate as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Insert the ribbon between the wings making folds clockwise.

Step 3: Once completed, insert the ribbon into the wing you had first placed the ribbon.

Step 4: Cut ribbon and pull the folded part of the ribbon you inserted last and leave it outside.

Step 5: Fold the ribbon you had left outside and insert it beneath the fold next to it on the right.

Step 6:  Attach stickers to center *front and back of rosette and remove from the plate. *To keep shape staple the edges of the sticker after removing the Rosette from the plate. 

Step 7: Cut ribbon and glue to the front or back of the Rosette. Place the pin on the felt and glue it to the Rosette.


Step 8: Cute fabric circle approx. 1/2 in. bigger than the center part. Stitch it approx. 3/16in from the edge of cut piece. Place the central part, pull the thread and finish it by tying a knot.

Step 9: Attach the center part on the front of the Rosette and you’re finished.

Refresher on Rosette Maker information: 

Rosette Makers (Art. No 8430 & 8431):

You can make rosettes for any occasion (graduations, baby showers, birthdays, weddings..anything!) in three simple steps. Package includes parts and template to create one rosette. Although the template itself is reusable, parts need to be purchased separately. Templates are available in both small and large. Available for purchase now! 

Rosette Maker (Small)
Art. No 8430

Rosette Maker (Large)
Art. No 8431

Rosette Makers Parts Set (Art. No 8432 & 8433):

Rosette Maker templates are reusable but parts must be purchased separately. The parts set package includes enough parts to make three additional rosettes. Parts included in the package are the stickers used to hold the rosette in place, felt piece used for backing, and the front center dome for a finished look. Part sets are available in both small and large. Available for purchase now!

Rosette Maker Parts Set (Small)
Art. No 8432

Rosette Maker Parts Set (Large)
Art. No 8433

Be sure to look for these new Clover tools in your local stores!

Downloadable PDF here: 
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