What’s NEW at Clover??

Clover is always searching for ways to make your lives as a sewer, quilter, knitter, crocheter, and craft enthusiast easier. We are introducing a few products that’ll not only increase the amount of Clover tools in your collection but also facilitate the addition of more projects to the already existing list of project ideas. 

Wonder Fuse (Art. No 4090):

The Wonder Fuse is a paper backed fusible developed specifically to for appliqué on apparel, quilts, embroidery, home decor and crafts. This fusible keeps fabric soft, ready to sew, and is recommended for your most delicate work. The package includes 10 pieces of 9x8in sheets. The Wonder Fuse is available for purchase NOW! Look for them at your local craft and hobby stores, or purchase online here.

Perfect when paired with our Wedge Iron (Art. No 9200)

Wonder Fuse 
Art. No 4090

Marbled Glass Head Pins (Art. No 2511):

These straight pins are a colorful and stylish addition to the variety of existing pins manufactured by Clover! They are made of steel and feature heat resistant glass heads. The come in a pack of 20 with an assortment of red, yellow, green and blue Marbled Glass Head Pins. They are 0.5mm thick and 36mm long. These will be available for purchase on June 26, 2017. Keep an eye out!

Marbled Glass Head Pins
Art. No 2511

Rosette Makers (Art. No 8430 & 8431):

You can make rosettes for any occasion (graduations, baby showers, birthdays, weddings..anything!) in three simple steps. Package includes parts and template to create one rosette. Although the template itself is reusable, parts need to be purchased separately. Templates are available in both small and large. Templates will be available for purchase on July 24, 2017. 

Rosette Maker (Small)
Art. No 8430

Rosette Maker (Large)
Art. No 8431

Rosette Makers Parts Set (Art. No 8432 & 8433):

Rosette Maker templates are reusable but parts must be purchased separately. The parts set package includes enough parts to make three additional rosettes. Parts included in the package are the stickers used to hold the rosette in place, felt piece used for backing, and the front center dome for a finished look. Part sets are available in both small and large. Templates will be available for purchase on July 24, 2017.

Rosette Maker Parts Set (Small)
Art. No 8432

Rosette Maker Parts Set (Large)
Art. No 8433

Be sure to look for these new Clover tools in your local stores!

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