Needle Felting Tools You Need to Know About…Part 5

By Jodi Boylan

The final installment of Needle Felting Tools you Need to Know About is here. This also means that time to enter our giveaway is coming to a close. Read my last review about Clover’s Needle Felting Claw and Mat Cleaner.

Needle Felting Claw and Mat Cleaner:

I see this tool as a new handy tool that expands my needle felting techniques. The claw serves as a comb and really does pull the fibers and helps align them perfectly for a smooth needle felting experience. It can also remove those inevitable kinks from the wool after it has been bundled or stored. You will get the entangled fibers collected towards the end of your combing strokes. This wool can be put aside for other uses or you can also be comb out the kinks (but it will not have the look of perfectly aligned fibers once tangles have been combed through). Like with any other tool, the claw takes some practice using to get your desired effect. I found the lighter the pressure I used the better. I did try blending fibers with it but found that my fingers are a little quicker at blending. I liked how this tool gave my fingers a bit of a break from blending (it does get tiring for my fingers after a while).

Needle Felting Claw and Mat Cleaner
(Art. No 8919)

The cleaner end with the brush worked great at cleaning both my foam mat and the bristle mat. It definitely is meant to clean the bristles more than the foam, though. I liked how while cleaning the bristle mat it was very quick with very little clean up needed. The mat cleaner didn’t pull out any bristles, it only pulled out the excess fibers that needed to be removed from the brush mat.

This tool can also be used to hold tiny felting pieces in place, to keep your fingers away from the needle.

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