Needle Felting Tools You Need to Know About…

By Jodi Boylan

Whether you’re an avid felter or just getting started in the craft, Clover needle felting tools are some that you NEED to know about.

Clover offers an abundance of tools for needle felting, including, mats, different style felting needles, molds, roving and even a few other accessories you didn’t know existed but won’t be able to live without. Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing the variety of Clover felting tools. After you’ve been filled with information about these tools, we will host a giveaway! So stay tuned.

But first, lets start with two essentials.

Single Needle Felting Tool:

This is my go to tool when needle felting. Especially when creating the smaller items, like the characters for the Baby Mobiles or details on Props. I appreciate how it comes with a cap to protect the needle while not in use.

The twist off end allows for easy and quick access to change the needle when working with different kinds of wool. The single needle felting tool is ideal for the final stages of my work like adding colors and details to my sculptures.

The plastic casing allows for a comfortable and firm grasp on the needle, which is important for making exact punches into the wool and avoiding a stab mishap.

Speed Needles (Refill):

These two needles come in my favorite color of box that protects them while storing. They are my newest favorite needle to use. The box closes very securely which is important when working with extremely sharp objects like these.

The Speed Needles are perfect for pulling more wool due to the barbed tip. These needles can greatly increase needle felting time. They also seem to work at making a tighter
and firmer entanglement of the wool fibers.

I would use these needles mostly during the beginning stages of my creations when I am shaping the wool into my desired mold. The Speed Needles can be used inside of the Single Needle Felting tool, allowing for the best grip and use.

The versatility of these two Needle Felting Tools are perfect for a beginner Needle Felter and a crucial staple for intermediate and advanced Needle Felting Artists.

There’s so much more coming your way..including a giveaway! More info coming soon.

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