10 Sewing Notion Essentials Recap and Giveaway!

By Afton Warrick 
Over the past several months, I’ve been sharing some of the latest and great notions. In case you missed any of the fun, I’m going to give you a super-speedy run-down. What’s more, Clover is sponsoring a chance for you to win a gigantic bundle of many of the notions featured!

1. Iron Shine Cleaning Pen

What It Does: The reusable Iron Shine Cleaning Pen cleans your iron with its scrubby tip and water soluble cleaning fluid.
Why It’s Awesome: It doesn’t have stinky fumes and actually works, even if your soleplate is in dire straits.

2. Hot Ruler

What It Does: The Hot Ruler helps you turn over fabric edges to precise measurements.
Why It’s Awesome: It’s made from non-slip nylon fiberboard that resists heat and doesn’t shrivel up when you blast it with steam. The markings are easy to read. It’s longer than the Hot Hemmer, so it’s perfect for quilt sleeves, bag straps, and the finished edges of garments.

3. Fine Patchwork Pins

What They Do:Fine Patchwork Pins hold fabrics together for piecing or appliqué.
Why They’re Awesome: They are extra fine so they don’t misalign fabric layers. Their iron-proof glass heads eliminate the possibility of a melting incident.

4. Clip n’ Glide Bodkin

What It Does: The Clip n’ Glide Bodkin pulls elastic, ribbon, trims and cording through 3/4″ or larger casing.
Why It’s Awesome: It doesn’t spring open half way through (I’m talking about you, safety pin!) and easily glides through even curvy casings due to its long, flexible design.

5. Point 2 Point Turner

What It Does: The Point 2 Point Turner serves as a hera marker, turner, and finger presser. It has two curved edges to push out long or curved seams.
Why It’s Awesome: It’s the ultimate multi-tool for marking, pressing, and turning.

6. 6-in-1 Stick n’ Stich Guide

What It Does: The 2-Piece Interlocking 6-in-1 Stick n’ Stitch Guide adheres to your sewing machine bed with a repositionable adhesive and provides an edge to align fabric for straight stitching, piecing strips, and stitching curves.
Why It’s Awesome: You can rinse off the adhesive, so it’s always as good as new. Multiple arrangement possibilities make the guide incredibly versatile.

7. Natural Fit Leather Thimble

What It Does: The Natural Fit Leather Thimble pushes the needle through fabric and provides a comfortable fit in three sizes.
Why It’s Awesome: The leather matches the curvature of your finger and doesn’t have seams obstructing the point of contact with the needle. The leather is durable, yet not unyieldingly rigid.

8. Wonder Clips

What They Do:Wonder Clips hold together layers of fabric without damage or distortion.
Why They’re Awesome: These are the perfect answer to holding together fabric layers when pins won’t do. They’re great for vinyl, heavy weight fabrics, handles, piping, and quilt binding.

9. Self-Threading Needles

What They Do:Self-Threading Needles allow the thread to be inserted through a special opening at the top and come in a collection of 5 different sizes.
Why They’re Awesome: You don’t need perfect vision or a needle threader to get these prepped for use. They are a major time-saver when tying off and burying threads during free-motion quilting.

10. Wedge Iron

What It Does: The Wedge Iron is a perfect travel companion with three heat levels, a spray bottle, and a pointy tip.
Why It’s Awesome: This straight-forward iron fits conveniently in a travel case due to its slender design. It’s a must-have item for a machine-side pressing station, which I recommend to eliminate back and forth ironing board jaunts.

Now is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Use the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win an Iron Shine Cleaning Pen, 6-in-1 Stick ‘n Stitch Guide, Clip ‘n Glide Bodkin, Hot Ruler, Point 2 Point Turner, Wonder Clips, Patchwork Pins, Self-Threading Needles, and a Natural Fit Leather Thimble. 

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31 thoughts on “10 Sewing Notion Essentials Recap and Giveaway!

  1. You can never have too many tools! At least that is the line I told my husband. You don’t know if you would like a sewing tool unless you try it.

  2. The Hot Ruler looks awesome! pressing hems is one of my least favorite sewing tasks, so i’d love to know if this will improve the process!

  3. The iron cleaner os interesting, I’ve never seen this before. You can never hsve to many tools if it makes the task easier!

  4. Thank you for the opportunity to say how great Clover products are. I love the Hot Hemmer! It has made the task of ironing a hem in place so easy! If there is an better/easier way to do a sewing task Clover has already paved the way…

  5. hmm I think it the one I like the most is the hot ruler, closely followed by the wedge iron (omg I hadn’t seen this before!) I could go on as I love wonderclips (you can never have enough of them) and there are more so I love this whole list of items LOL

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