10 Sewing Notions You Need to Know About: Natural Fit Leather Thimble

By Afton Warrick  

What notion for sewing have I left unveiled until this moment? Actually, it’s been making some cameo appearances in my previous 10 Sewing Notions You Need to Know About posts. Did you spot the Natural Fit Leather Thimble?

A thimble is a sewing basic, but having a nicely fitting one makes a huge difference. I gave up bothering with trying to use the ill-fitting rubber and plastic ones because they fit more like a miniaturized Dixie cup and didn’t account for the curvature of my finger. It was easier to forgo using the thimble. That was, until I tried binding densely quilted projects, and jabbed the eye of the needle through the tender tip of my finger a few times. Ouch! There had to be a better way. I tried preimptevely putting tiny Band-Aids over my finger tip, but this single-use protection was decidely lacking. Then, I discovered the Clover Natural Fit Leather Thimble.

The Clover Natural Fit Thimble fits snugly instead of having an odd gap between my finger tip and the end of the thimble, like the other options I tried. The leather is flexible enough to fit my finger comfortably, but durable enough to protect it from pokes. It doesn’t spin or wiggle because it’s shaped like my finger and extends to the first knuckle. The surface at the tip of my finger is unobstructed by seams, so I don’t have aim for a particular sweet spot.
The thimble comes in three sizes. I recommend buying one in person so you can stick your middle finger into the handy size guide to see it it fits.
I keep my thimble at the ready with my other hand-stitching supplies.

Do you remember when I was binding the donation quilt for a local charity?

Or how about when I faced the Rio Grande quilt? Both tasks employed my thimble of choice.

I’m all finished now. Except, I need to add a sleeve. I’ll admit, even with my Hot Ruler, which improves things significantly, it’s not my favorite part of the process. Well, enough whining! I’ve got some quilting to do!

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