10 Sewing Notions You Need to Know About: Wonder Clips

 By Afton Warrick

Previously, I showed you the Iron Shine Cleaning Pen, Hot Ruler, Patchwork Pins, Wedge Iron, and Self-Threading Needles. Just what else could a quilter possibly need?

Wonder Clips, or course! They’re cute and colorful. If that’s not enough, they’re great little helpers at holding layers of fabric together while you’re in the process of sewing them.

Wonder Clips come in packs of 1050, or 100.  There are a variety of color options (redmultipink and ectoplasmic…ahem, neon green), as well as Jumbo (12 pcs. or 24 pcs.) and Mini variations. If you don’t purchase a 50 piece set that comes with a box, you can organize your clips with a wrist cushion or make the super adorable Wonder Cushion devised by Esther at Squeeze Quilts.

Most often I use Wonder Clips for hand binding, which I prefer compared to machine binding because it looks so clean and gives me an excuse to watch some mindless television.

I’m in the process of binding a quilt for the APS Homeless Project. I get together with some ladies at a local church for a little charity sewing and a lot of socializing when my husband has a Friday off and can watch the children.

My friend Cheryl prepped the adorable panel quilt, so it was all set for me to bind.

I did have a bunch of Wonder Clips when Clover released their neon green version, but I maybe, just maybe, needed them. Can you see why? I’m feeling the monochromatic bliss!

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One thought on “10 Sewing Notions You Need to Know About: Wonder Clips

  1. Wonder Clips do so much more than binding. We garment makers use them when we serge seams. I haven’t run one through my blades yet. I can’t say that about my pins. That alone is worth the price of a large pack!

    I use them when I fit clothing. The pins nip a seam in nicely and the markings tell you how much needs to come in. Haven’t stuck myself in some time now.

    I use them instead of basting often. They are light and strong. Again, painless.

    They can be used with one hand. Put them on the table with the colour side up. Press down to open and slide them into place.

    They hold bags and unpinnables together without marking fabric or letting go.

    They hold my pattern pieces together as I work on a project. No one slides under the table and gets lost.

    They are light, strong and they don’t slip around. What’s not to love?

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