Tool School: New Winter Items 2017


What is it?-Clover is introducing some exciting new knitting and crochet notions this winter and, as Yogi Bear once said, “It’s deja vu all over again.”  Well kind of.  The products are new, but the realization that your friends at Clover have once again brought to market some great new tools that will support you in your creative aspirations is not new.  It has become expected.  And we hate to disappoint you.  We’re happy to comply.  That’s because at Clover there is always something cooking in the kitchen.  For those who can truly think outside the box we have a new Mini Weaving Loom for creating smaller woven accessories or stand alone projects. Also for your consideration we’ve developed a set of new Quick Locking Stitch Markers in three sizes.  They can be acquired individually or in convenient and specifically organized collections.

What does it do?- It’s Clover’s goal to enhance your creative experience by providing the tools that enable any specific techniques you may wish to employ.  To that end these two new Clover knitting accessories were developed to enhance your creative potential.  Enjoy!

Mini Weaving Loom –  Weaving has a real following.  People love it.  There is just so much you can do with it.  And now you can do more.  Many times we need to do a small project or accessory.  But it’s a little hard to scale back on most major weaving looms.  Enter Clover’s new Mini Weaving Loom.  Small, compact and easy to use.  Now you can create all of those small projects with ease.  The individual set is complete with a frame, shuttle, shed stick, needle and weaving comb.  With the single loom you’re able to create finished projects as large as 4 3/4 “.  With the double loom set you can create projects approximately 9 1/2″ by 4 3/4”.

Locking Stitch Markers  – Clover’s new Quick Locking Stitch Markers have everything you’d expect from a great locking stitch marker.  The locking mechanism is quick and easy to manipulate so they’re easy to lock in place and remove.  If you’ve ever tried to remove stiff locking stitch markers from a project you know it’s the worst. Clover’s new Quick Locking Stitch Markers also have a unique “wavy” design to hold them in place just the way you want them.  They are made with bright colors so you’re never trying to locate them on your project.  And they’re available in three sizes to fit any of your project requirements.  If that’s not enough, we’ve even put them in super handy cases to keep them organized in your knitting or crochet kit.

  • Stitch Marker Set – This set contains the essentials needed in every knitting or crochet kit.  It provides 10 small, 20 medium and 6 large Quick Locking Stitch Markers
  • Beginner Set – Everything a beginner needs.  The Set provides soft ring stitch markers in two sizes, small Quick Locking Stitch Markers and a set of point protectors.
  • Sock Set – If you like to make socks this set is for you.  It’s everything you need.  Soft ring stitch markers, Quick Locking Stitch Markers, double point protectors.  All you add is the knitting needles, yarn and know how.

How do I share it? – The Mini Weaving is definitely a cool to
ol.  There is so much that can be done.  Put out some samples and a partially completed project so your friends can hold it and work on it.  Seeing is believing and once they see how creative they can be and how easy it is they’ll want one or two.  It’s even easier to demonstrate the new locking stitch markers.  Put a few of each size on a few completed projects.  When your friends see how easy it is to attach and remove them they’ll want a complete set. These new tools from Clover will quickly become both a welcome and a needed addition to any knitting or crochet studio.ct0160-cover

Winter Woven Accessories 

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