Two-Toned Diamonds Infinity Scarf and Giveaway


By Marie Segares

If there was an award for the world’s slowest knitter, I’m pretty sure I’d win (or, at least bring home the bronze).

My slug-like pace doesn’t deter me from knitting, though sometimes, I need a little help from a bulky yarn and larger needles. Although I once preferred working with metal needles, since the Great Cat Bite of 2013, I find that metal needles generally bother my hands. This is especially true when it’s cold outside.

The Clover Takumi circulars are great for this weather. Bamboo isn’t thermal conductive (translation: it doesn’t make your hands cold when it’s cold outside, or make your hands sweat when it’s hot), so it’s wonderful to work with in weather extremes. The nice folks at Clover sent me a pair of circular needles to try out a few weeks ago. When I got the idea for this project, I headed over to Michael’s to pick up another set in the right size for this yarn.


I prefer working with circular needles, even when they aren’t necessary for the project. Why, you ask? (Ok, maybe you didn’t ask. But I’m going to tell you anyway.) I like that circular needles can be used for all types of projects. Straight needles are more limited since you can only use them for knitting flat. I prefer the longer, 36″ (91.5 cm) needles, since those can also be used for small circumference knitting in the round. (Since I’m often knitting during my commute, I don’t want to worry about losing a DPN when I switch trains. Plus, other commuters don’t like things with points on all sides.)

So, back to this infinity scarf. After picking up the Clover Takumi 36″ circular needles from Michael’s, I started it as a commuter project. I had some Bernat Maker Home Dec in different colors leftover from previous projects so I had color blocking in mind. I was hunting through my stitch guides when I fell in love with the look of this traveling stitch pattern. Although a cotton blend yarn might seem like an odd choice for colder weather, the Bernat Maker Home Dec feels just like your favorite t-shirt. It’s super soft to wear around the neck!

For pattern visit Underground Crafter’s blog.


Giveaway details here!

If you make your own Two-Toned Diamonds Infinity Scarf, I’d love to see it! Share your progress and questions by tagging me on Facebook as @Underground Crafter, Instragram as @ucrafter, Google+ as +UndergroundCrafter, or Twitter as @ucrafter.

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