Oval Loom Fringed Scarf


By Marlyn Rodriguez

Standing Oval Knitting Loom is the perfect tool for the season. Use it for projects that will help keep you warm.


  • Standing Oval Knitting Loom (Art. No 3178)
  • 3 skeins of yarn Bulky 5 (this project used Paton’s Classic Wool Roving/Yellow.


Step 1: Use basic package instructions for “knit stitch.” Knit until scarf is of desired length using this method. (This scarf measures 49″ excluding fringe, approx. 210 rows).

oval-loom-instroWhen rows are completed use package instructions to “sew bind off.”

Step 2: Cut strips of yarn measuring 18″ long. Create loop with yarn pieces folding them in half. Poke the loop through the stitches where you want to attach fringe. Then pull ends of gathered strands through loop between stitches using hook included in the Standing Oval Knitting Loom. Repeat as desired.


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