New Fall 2016 Products

Clover has added new products to their vast collection.

Magnet Pin Caddy

A great modification to our already popular magnetic pin caddy makes this essential notion…stackable!

Same pin storage with easy pin pick up, just a new color, Bordeaux, and a contoured lid for stacking.

This begs the question: Why do I need more than one pin caddy?

With several styles of pins…all with specific job uses…it’s a nightmare to have them all stuffed in one caddy…and the lid ends up not fitting correctly.

The solution is now made easy; sort your pins into dedicated pin caddies; lid fits nicely and stacks for a beautifully organized sewing room…just another notion that Clover knows you need.


Magnet Pin Caddy
Art. No 4105

Roll & Press

New to the Press Perfect Collection is the Roll & Press. The Roll & Press won’t pull, stress or distort fabric. It has a wheel tapered to focus pressure on seam. It prevents a seam impression on right side of the project. It is comfortable and has an ergonomic handle.

The Roll & Press is ideal for paper piecing or laminates. It can also be used to seal glued seams on leather and felt. 7812_roll__press_with_pkg-web

Roll & Press
Art No 7812

Best Premium Sewing Machine Needles

Clover has also introduced a new line of sewing machine needles. They are Best Premium Machine Needles.

The line consists of 25 SKUS that include Universal, Microtex, Embroidery, Super Stretch, Denim, Top Stitch, Combi Box, Metallic, Ball Point, Multi Box, Anti-Glue, Quilting, Blue Tip, and Titanium Needles.on-uni-size-110-copy

There is also the option of three assortments:


Wall Mount/Floor Rack
*includes all 25 SKUS.
Art. No WRBP1


Counter Top Spin Rack
*Includes 24 SKUS
Art. No WRBP2assortment-rack-3

Counter Top Plastic Display
*Includes Top 10 SKUS
Art. No WRBP3

Blog post with more details coming soon!

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