Paper Crafting with Flower Frill Templates

photo-sep-28-10-31-14-amOne of the things we get excited about at Clover is when one tool can cross over from fabric to paper. Our Flower Frill Template does just that! From “upcycling” magazines and catalogs to scrapbooking and card making, we’ve got some fun projects for you!

General Supplies:

  • Flower Frill Templates Small (3″) & Medium (4″) Art No. 8460
  • Flower Frill Templates Large (5″) & Extra Large (6″) Art No. 8461
  • Scissors
  • Needle & Thread
  • For Flowers: 1 /16″ Hole-Punch & 22 gauge florist wire, and florist tape exoticflowers

Exotic Flowers

There are so many beautiful wrapping papers and handmade papers that when you combine them with colored tissue paper the result is an “exotic” flower that can spark up any decor.• Use the 3″, 4″, & 5″ templates and create three different flowers.

  • Follow the instructions in the package.
  • Thread a needle with strong thread double; then knot.
  • The finished look is achieved by using one patterned wrapping paper petal followed by two solid colored tissue paper petals.
  • Repeat for up to 18-20 petals total.
  • Find just the right vessel and place to display your new exotic flowers!


Scrapbooking Pages and Note Paper

This look is so easy to accomplish, but gives the fun dimensional effect that is so “right” for paper crafting.

The Flower Frill Templates are an easy way to make a flower cut-out. Follow the template instructions, then instead of making a petal flatten out the flower, make several different sizes, layer them up and attach the flower to your page or notes with a brad.


Upcycled Flowers
Before you recycle all those newspapers, magazines, and catalogs “upcycle” them into what will become a very sophisticated green look!

  • Use the 6″, 5″, & 4″ templates to create these flowers.
  • Follow the instructions in the package, but note this, You can cut some of the petals into a point instead of the curve and adding those in for a different texture.
  • Thread a needle with strong thread doubled; then knot.
  • Make 18-20 petals per flower.
  • This presentation is stunning in a silver dish placed on a wooden table. So simple, so elegant!

Give it a try!

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