Flower Frill and Beautiful Decor

finishedhoopBy: Rebecca Greco 

The Flower Frill Templates are an easy way to make a fun embellishments that you can use for a ton of different projects. The flowers can be made in a variety of sizes ranging from 2” – 6”, I chose the small template and made the 3” flowers for these cute hanging decorations.

Clover Flower Frill Templates
Fabric scraps
Felt balls (I got mine from Benzie Design – http://www.benziedesign.com)
Perle cotton or other thick thread to string it
Embroidery hoop (I used 5”)

The Flower Frill template is really easy to use, but if you need any help you can watch this tutorial:

The one thing I found was that the fabric requirements on the instructions are generous, I was able to make my petals with .5” smaller square of fabric than was called for. I used quilting cotton scraps that I had.photo1

Tie one end of the perle cotton to the inner embroidery hoop piece, you do not need the outer hoop that has the clamp on it. Using a needle, thread the desired amount of felt balls onto the string. Pass the needle through the center of the flower and tie a knot on the bottom to secure it.

Do this for as many strands as you want, I had 6 strands and varied the lengths of them all. Tie 4 strings and gather them in the center. Tie a loop to hang the hoop.photo2This could be customized so many different ways and makes a fun, quick decoration. You could also make it into garland, there are tons of possibilities!closeup

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