Tool School: Flower Frill Template


flower-frillWhat is it? – Henry Beecher famously wrote, “Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.”  Claude Monet felt that he owed his iconic professional career to flowers.  And don’t even get started with poets.  But how do we feel about flowers?  They’re important to us too.  We use them to say I love you, I’m sorry, good luck, congratulations or get well.  And we use them not only to adorn all of the special occasions of our lives but also to make all of the occasions in our lives special.  A beautiful bouquet of flowers makes a house a home.  Flowers are part of our lives and we love ’em.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could make them?  Fashion blossoms from our personal stashes of fabric?  Just think of all of the colors and textures you have in there.  Chiffon, taffeta, netting, batiks, florals, solids, and who knows what else?  The combinations are probably as close to endless as you can get.  But is it difficult to make fat quarters bloom into beautiful bouquets?  Could be but certainly doesn’t have to be.  Clover’s Flower Frill Templates make it easy.  You select the size, color, texture and fullness of your flowers.  Mix and match colors and textures to create your own personal floral fantasy.

What does it do? – Clover’s Flower Frill Templates allow us to make beautiful flowers one gorgeous petal at a time.  You are free to create with reckless abandon.

Flower sizes – Flower Frill Templates are available in three packages representing six sizes.  Large and Extra Large at 5 inch and 6 inch finished sizes.  Small and Medium at 3 inch and 4 inch finished sizes.  Mini and Extra Small at 2 inch and 2 1/2 inch finished sizes.  That size range can accommodate everything from home decor to jewelry.


Art No. 8462 Mini & Extra Small


Art No. 8460 Small & Medium


Art No. 8461 Large & Extra Large


“Template how to” – Each template is made of heavy card stock with fold lines marked and numbered.  Simply fold the template around a halved portion of fabric.  That’s the first fold.  Follow in suit for the second and third folds as marked on the template.  Trim around the template outer edge with shears (or pinking shears for a unique look) being careful not to cut the template and then stitch through the point of the fabric with a threaded needle.  That’s the first petal.  Now just repeat that step until you have enough petals for the desired fullness.  When all the petals are complete just join the thread ends together and shape by hand.  It’s that easy.

How do I share it? – Our friends love flowers just like we do.  When they see how easy they are to make and how creative you can be they’ll be all in.  Put together a bouquet boutique along with step outs showing the creative process.  A terrific idea to raise interest in this product is to put an “Ask me for a demo” tag on the Flower Frill Templates and make sure everyone can demonstrate how the templates are used to make flower petals when asked. Set it up as a “Notion of the Month” promotion or part of a “Favorite Notions Night” presentation. Share ideas of how the flower frills can be used for home decor, fashion, jewelry, shoes, bags and purses, seasonal accents or stand alone projects.  Paint the picture and they will come.

Watch Tool School here:

Watch a Flower Frill Template Tutorial here:

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