Tool School: Jumbo Circular Knitting Needles

JumboCircsWhat is it? -A quick trip to any purveyor of quality knitting products will provide ample evidence of the popularity of the new trend in chunky or bulky yarns. And for good reason. These luxurious, colorful and innovative yarns produce the most amazing results. Whether fashion, home decor or just clever accessories, these new yarns enable expanded avenues of creative expression. Think bulky scarves, cozy throws or fun pillows and puffs. The challenge is, which knitting needles provide the necessary characteristics to enable that creative expression? Because of the increased girth of these larger diameter yarns we also need knitting needles with both increased diameter and increased length. But we don’t want the added unpleasant encumbrances of increased weight and unwieldy length that make the needles difficult to manipulate. With Clover’s new Jumbo Circular Knitting Needles the problem is solved. Even though large in size, the natural bamboo fiber is light and comfortable to manipulate. The new Clover size 17 and 19 circular needles are the first bamboo needles to address all of your bulky yarn needs. These circular needles are also perfect for projects not calling for joining in the round since the cable easily holds the bulky stitches which can easily get too large for straight needles.

What does it do? -Circular knitting needles are perfect for knitting in the round or not. The primary benefit is that in either case the actual weight of the knitted stitches rests on the attaching cord, not your hands and wrists. Clover’s new Jumbo Circular Knitting Needles are especially adept at working with heavy or bulky yarns. To ensure your stitches stay in place when you aren’t working with them Clover has developed accompanying Jumbo Point Protectors.

Jumbo Circular Knitting Needles – Made of the finest bamboo, these needles warm to your hands and have a great organic feel to them with just the right amount of flex to make them comfortable. The polished bamboo surface allows smooth, fast knitting without the easily dropped stitches caused by a surface that is too slick. The connecting cords are both soft and strong. Lying smoothly on your lap the cords hold the stitches flat so they are easy to pick up. The Jumbo Circulars are available in sizes 17 and 19 and each size comes with either a 24 inch, 29 inch or 36 inch connecting cord.JumboCircs1

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Jumbo Point Protectors – Time is scarce and it’s not often that we can finish a project in one sitting. So what do we do when we have to leave our project for any extended time or have to return it to our knitting basket. Point protectors, or in the case of jumbo knitting needles, Clover’s new Jumbo Point Protectors. Made for the new jumbo knitting needles and jumbo circular knitting needles they are the perfect way to ensure that your jumbo stitches don’t fall of into oblivion. Place them on the end of your knitting needles and your work will be waiting patiently for you when you return.JumboCircs2

Jumbo Point Protectors

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How do I share it? – Clover’s new size 17 and 19 Jumbo Circular Knitting Needles easily address all of our bulky yarn needs. The best way to show that to our friends is to provide some bulky yarn samples along with a set of the Jumbo Circulars. Allow them the opportunity to feel the difference of a bamboo knitting needle. Once they see how light and easy they are to manipulate, with most of the stitches stored on the cord, they’ll be sold. They’ll all want to add Clover’s two new super-sized needles to their stash to help them achieve all their creative inspirations!

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