July is Anti-Boredom Month


Some of you may not know it, but July is Anti-Boredom Month!

There are many ways one can defeat the feeling of boredom. Some of these ways include doing craft work such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, and beading, to name a few.

Clover is here to help by providing the tools necessary to overcome boredom! You can find a list of projects and the instructions here. Just grab your Clover tools and get creative!

Many are taking part in the movement.

This year, Craft Yarn Council (CYC) is launching their first Anti – Boredom Month Campaign. This campaign will feature small projects for knitters and crocheters.

The month’s activities, hosted by CYC include:

  • Appliques + Customizing your Clothes – July 10th – 16th: This week CYC will feature Pinterest loved crochet appliques and demonstrate to knitters and crocheters how they can make their own and sew it onto their old clothes.
  • Granny Square Crochet Along with Sewrella – July 17th – 23rd: In this CAL, CYC will show knitters and crocheters how to make granny squares seen in the series link.
  • Knit Along with Elliebear Productions (Local Creative) – July 24th -30th: In this KAL CYC will feature a project swap with an Etch-e-Sketch artist. Using a pattern created by CYC’s Maker, and Instagram Me model Candace, they will show knitters and crocheters how to knit their own plush Etch-e-Sketch.

We urge to join us. Stay tuned to learn how you can be a part of Anti-Boredom Month and use the hashtag #AntiBoredomMonth on social media.

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