How to Cut Fabric Strips

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Do you have extra fabric laying around and need to find something to do with it? You can easily cut fabric into strips and use it for a crochet or weaving project. 

Step 1: Fold fabric in half, bringing the selvage edges together and making sure they are even. Fold again in this direction, bringing the center fold up to 1/2″ below the selvage edges. A9Rh8vg5v_hwrzh7_5zoA9Rkt0jhy_hwrzhd_5zoA9R1a4jehy_hwrzh9_5zo

Step 2: Using one of Clover’s Rotary Cutters, cut fabric strips, cutting through the folds, but not through the selvages. A9Rv4ylu1_hwrzhf_5zoTip: Don’t worry if the lines are not too straight, it will not show in your woven piece. A9Rv9ljkr_hwrzhh_5zoStep 3: Unfold fabric by separating the selvages. Now begin cutting into strips: at the top of the fabric, cut the first strip then cut every two. For the bottom strips you cut every two.  Cutting Fabric 1

Then wrap continuous strip around an object such as a slender box.
Cutting Fabric

You’re ready to weave!

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More info on Clover’s Rotary Cutters below:


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