“French”ship Bracelets for Best Friends Day

A9R54a7mu_1ef3axj_23gIn only a few minutes you can make your best friend a “French”ship bracelet with Clover’s French Knitter.

To do so you will need:

  • Clover’s French Knitter (Art. No 3100)
  • 2 cm rubber bands
  • “S” claspimage_french_knitter_Web

Step 1: Use the 4-peg head attachment.

  • To change head:
    • Remove by turning head counterclockwise and gently pulling up
    • Attach by setting head in notches on the body and turning clockwise until it clicks.Pic1

Step 2: Please rubber band on one peg, make a twist, and place other end on peg diagonally opposite from the first one (just one twist) Pic3

Step 3: Add two additional rubber bands on same two pegs (no twist on these two) Pic5

Step 4: Use hook to take bottom rubber band and move up and over each peg


Step 5: Continue to add one rubber band at a time, taking the bottom rubber band and moving it up and over each peg until desired length is reached. A9Rr9qt8b_1ef3b4r_23g

Step 6: Use hook to take the bottom rubber band and move it up and over each peg. Remove the last rubber band with hook from pegs (keep the rubber band on the hook)A9Rm874fw_1ef3b4t_23g

Step 7: Take the “S” clasp and place rubber band from hook on to one end of the “S” clasp. Grab the two loops on opposite end of the rubber band bracelets with hook and place on the other end of the “S” Clasp.  (Add beads for a more personalized look!) A9Rycueo6_1ef3b4x_23g

Too add beads: Use our Amour Steel Crochet Hook No. 4 (Art. No 1222). Place a bead with a large enough opening for the rubber band to fit through. Once the bead is on the rubber band, place it on the two pegs (each peg head creates a fun and unique look). Pic8

Video tutorial here:

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