Tool School: Silk Threads

silk threadsBy Steve Butler

What is it? – China, circa 3600 BC. That’s where it all started. A young Chinese empress expressed a desire for a luxurious new fiber and silk was the result.Threads of different types had been around for many years but this was different. In fact, silk was very different. It had a texture and luster that set it way apart from anything else. It rapidly became the luxury fiber distributed only among the powerful and wealthy. But the appeal was too great to keep under wraps and its use eventually spread throughout the pre-industrial international community. So great was the demand for this uncommonly beautiful fiber that in the late 1800’s, and only after considerable effort, a synthetic silk was developed. Today most of us know that synthetic silk by its more common name, Rayon. Rayon was an astonishing development that mirrored many of the desirable characteristics of silk. But there’s an old catchphrase that suggests “If you care enough to use the very best . . .” and it certainly applies to silk. There are many imitators but the original stands alone. Over 5000 years and there is still no equal for its sheen or texture. Now Clover has put together a wonderful collection of all the most important colors for any creative whim.

What does it do? – So what is it that makes silk so desirable? Simply put, this naturally occurring filament has unmatched qualities of luster and texture. It is uncommonly soft so it sews well in detail. Strong and durable, your stitches will last forever. And that is no idle boast. Archaeological discoveries have revealed clothing items with linen and cotton fibers in complete decay while the silk threads alone survived. Beautiful and durable. So what’s not to like? Clover provides its superior brand of quality silk both individually and in smart, purposeful collections.

Individual Spools – The Clover silk thread collection provides 72 lustrous colors of No. 50 thread on 100 meter spools. Perfect for a single specific application.

Individual Collections – Clover has assembled three unique six spool assortments to fit specific or recurring needs.
• BWE – Two spools each White, Winter White and Black.
• Dark – One spool each Churchill green, Deep Navy, Dark Brown, Dark Purple, Evergreen and Cherry.
• Light – One spool each Eggshell, Spearmint, Light Pink, Grey, Beige.
Clover Silk Thread Collection – Comprised of three connecting 24 slot units, the Clover Silk Thread Collection presents all 72 colors of silk thread with six spools of each color. The spectrum of color represented by this collection will accommodate virtually any need.701Tire silk thread asst2.jpg

How do I share it? – Silk is a truly amazing fiber that has many uses. Sharing the benefits of silk is often a matter of educating on the many applications where its unique qualities are demonstrated. Appliqué, crazy quilting, crewel, embroidery, lace making, punch embroidery and smocking are just the beginning. It is especially adept at decorative stitching, hand sewing, finishing hems, basting and all types of tailoring. Put out a needle and thread with a piece of fabric and let your friends experience how easily it pulls through and how evenly it blends in. After that they will all be believers. Now you are selling the why and not the what.

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    • I have nearly all of the colors in stock. Just phone me to order: 606-494-2301 Janis Campbell Knitting Studio. I carry all Clover products. Janis Campbell

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