Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Frills

File May 05, 3 36 17 PMBy Carol C. Porter

One of the things we get excited about at Clover is when one tool can cross over from Fabric to Paper. Our Flower Frill Template does just that. From “Upcycling” magazines and catalogs to scrap booking and card marking we’ve got some fun projects for you.


  • Flower Frill Templates Small & Medium (Art No. 8460)
  • Flower Frill Templates Large & Extra Large (Art No. 8461)
  • Scissors
  • Needle & Thread
  • For Flowers: 1 /16″ Hole-Punch & 22 gauge florist wire, and florist tape

Make quick and easy decorations for your next “Taco” or “Cinco de Mayo” Party. Using tissue paper to create these flowers is so much fun you’ll want to have a party before the party to make these decorations!

• Purchase tissue paper that has a variety of values in the pack.
• Use the template to create these flowers.
• Follow the directions on the package.

Note that with tissue paper you can cut several layers at a time. Use 2-3 values per color family to give depth to the flowers. Cut 20- 24 petals per flower.

Make a hole using a 1/16″ hole-punch near the tip of the folded petal; be sure to go through all layers keeping an eye on the folds. Do not punch on the fold.

• Alternate dark, medium, and light petals as you string them on to a 22 gauge florist wire.
• Hold all the petals in one hand and bend the wire down on itself about 4″. Twist wires together and cover with florist tape.
• Open up petals to make a full flower.

Learn how to use our Flower Frill Template here:

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2 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Frills

  1. I have a special request for a compact sewing kit which launched years back come with a well kept japanese fabric with a golden clip and is like a handy pouch clover design.
    Kindly revert to me if can acquire online.

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