Tool School: Clover Scissors


By Steve Butler

What is it?Scissors.  It’s hard to imagine doing anything in sewing, knitting or crafts without them.  They are, in fact, one of the most common tools used universally by us humans.  They were even carried by Apollo 12 astronauts on the surface of the moon.  The earliest known scissors appeared in Mesopotamia 3,000 to 4,000 years ago and were a “spring style” scissor similar to the nippers we use today.

The more familiar style scissors where the blades are pivoted at a point between the tips and handles had their genesis with the Romans around 100 AD.  With the application of modern technology and materials we have developed the precision cutting tools we enjoy today. In high-quality scissors the blades are extremely sharp and are aligned to increase the cutting and shearing tension at the exact point where the blades meet.

A true test of scissor/shear capability focuses on how well they either cut intricate patterns or how well they cut multiple layers of fabric.  Clover scissors and shears are designed to exceed your performance expectations for all applications.  Clover has gone to great lengths to provide a wide variety of blade sizes and shapes combined with unexcelled quality in materials and unrelenting manufacturing standards.

When other scissors or shears have become worn, damaged, bent, dull and discarded, Clover scissors and shears will still be jealously guarded and protected by those who truly appreciate the precision cut.

What does it do? – As with any creative endeavor, having the right tools makes all of the difference.  For sewers and crafters that means having the best scissors and shears at the ready to handle any task .

There’s no question that while a good pair of high quality dressmaker shears might be enough to handle most fabric cutting tasks, there are many applications and materials that have special requirements.  To meet these needs specific to desired quality and variety of application, Clover provides three categories of scissors.

Patchwork Scissors – These are quality cutting tools with sharp blades aligned to ensure precision cuts.  There or four styles designed to accommodate specific requirements.

  • Mini  4 ½” Designed with a pointed tip for cutting and trimming in tight, restrictive spaces. Perfect for appliqué, chenille quilting and many craft applications.
  • Small – 5 ¼” A nice compact size scissor that lends itself to numerous applications requiring detail work. Great for your travel kit.
  • Original – 6 ¾”Just a great size scissor that can function across many sewing and craft needs.
  • Large – 9 ½” Actually considered “shears” because of length and shape, the Large Patchwork is designed as a compact set of Tailor’s Shears used to cut multiple layers of fabric and long strips with precision.

The Small, Original, and Large have serrated blades that truly grip the fabric for a nice straight cut.

1Art No. 493/CW Patchwork Scissors (Mini)

Art No. 493 Patchwork Scissors

Art No. 493/L Patchwork Scissors (Large)

Art No. 493/S Patchwork Scissors (Small)

Ultimate Scissors – The ultimate in quality and engineering make these scissors a must have.  Comfortable to operate and super sharp, Ultimate Scissors produce precision cuts every time.  There are two styles.

  • Clover Ultimate Bent Scissors -5 ¼” Designed with large comfortable handles to enable precise placement of the blades. Smaller blades make them perfect for trimming in restrictive spaces.
  • Clover Ultimate Scissors -6 ¾” Super sharp and durable with longer blades, the Ultimate Scissors are perfect for a wide range of general sewing and craft applications.


Art No. 4932 Clover Ultimate Bent Scissors EX-135B

Art No. 4933 Clover Ultimate Scissors EX-170

Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors/Shears – These are the absolute ultimate scissors and shears.  Developed in collaboration with Nancy Zieman and utilizing both unique materials and manufacturing processes, the Bordeaux line of scissors and shears are the “go to” tools when precision and durability are desired.  Additionally, the handles are both comfortable and ambidextrous.  If you want the best, this is it!

  • Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors 130 -5 1/8” Comfort and precision. The 130’s shorter blades enable precision cuts and trimming in tight spaces
  • Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors 170 -6 ¾” The 170’s longer blades are perfect for a wide range of sewing and craft applications.
  • Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors 200 -7 ¾” The 200 is designed as classic dressmakers shears. The handle is comfortable, either lefty or righty, and the shape of the blades allow them to lie flat on your cutting table as you cut out your patterns.


Art No. 4940 Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors 130

Art No. 4941 Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors 170

Art No. 4942 Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors 200

How do I share it? – An individual’s selection of that “favorite” set of scissors is a very personal matter.  You just can’t pick them out by looking at the product and reading about it on the back of a package.  The best way to show the “feel” of any particular set of shears is to put them to work.

Set out a representative set with some fabric.  No one can resist the lure of scissors and fabric.  Everyone will pick them up and start cutting.  And if they’re currently just getting by with economy based, mediocre cutting tools, they will definitely fall in love the feel of quality Clover blades.

Watch Tool School here:

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