Clover’s “Hana-Ami” Flower Loom

File Apr 29, 3 15 51 PMCreate beautiful fun flowers in every season with wool, yarn, ribbon or raffia in different shapes and sizes. The flowers can be joined together to make beautiful wearable art, home decor accessories such as pillows, trimmings, and bags.

Make yourself a headband like this one:



sc-single crochet
dc-double crochet


  • Hana-Ami Flower Loom  (Art. No 3146)
  • Soft Touch Crochet Hook/Size F (Art. No 1006/F)
  • Variegated Worsted Weight Yarn
  • Coordinating Color Worsted Weight Yarn

First, make one small square flower according to the directions in the loom package. Measure this completed flower. Determine the size of headband you want and divide the length by the measurement of the flower; this will be the answer as to how many flowers to make.

Edging Round: Using the coordinating color sc in the first flower loop to the left of the
long corner loop, sc in the same place to anchor yarn, ch 2, sc and ch2 over the next two
loops, *sc 3 in corner loop, ch2, sc, ch2 over the next three loops*. Repeat from * to *
around, ending with ch2, 3sc in corner loop, slip st in first sc. Tie off and weave in yarn.

Work each flower square as above.

Blocking: Gently pin the completed squares to a blocking board (or ironing board).  Hold the iron about 1″-2″ above the squares and steam.  Let squares dry before removing the pins.  Note: It’s helpful to have several squares pinned at the same time to make sure they block to the same size.

Joining: With right sides together join squares on one side using a tapestry needle and a whip stitch.  Be sure to hide the loose threads when finished.

Make Ties: To make ties for the belt chain double the desired tie length. Cut yarn and tie off.  Fold in half and attach to center of end square.

Below are images of more things you can make with the “Hana-Ami” Flower Loom:

clover frame and basket

clover purse

Learn how to use the “Hana-Ami” Flower Loom:

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