clovergiveawayAs Clover’s Instagram Takeover comes to a close, the opportunity for a giveaway arises.

Jenny or @sweaterfreakknits took over our Instagram this week and told you about her favorite tools.

Take a look at what Jenny was working on with nothing but Clover tools.


So now, the IG Takeover comes to a close but we told you there was something coming, remember?

It’s time for another giveaway!

Giveaway Includes:

To qualify, simply make a post on your Instagram feed with a tag #AprilCloverGiveaway mentioning the desire to win the giveaway; picturing and describing your favorite Clover product in use.

The giveaway challenge will start today, April 15th and end on Tuesday, April 19th.

For the full blog post and more information visit Jenny’s blog where she tells you about her journey.

Note: Only USA or Canada entries are eligible.

2 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY Alert!

  1. I would really LOVE to win this giveaway, because I have never knitted with circular needles, and, also I have just found out that I have had a Stress- Related Stroke, and I need some else to keep my hands and mind busy besides my Crochet, while the Drs., are getting more set up for me to have. THANK-YOU, Cindy Garlotte

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