There is something coming…

IMG_9456As you may have noticed by now, Clover’s Instagram has been taken over by Jenny who is one of our #CloverFans, and is better known by her Instagram username @sweaterfreakknits

As part of the #CloverIGTakeover, Jenny will also post a free project at the end of the week!

Can you guess what it is? IMG_9478

She is using:

A 16″ Interchangeable Cord 3645

Art. No 3645

Takumi Bamboo Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles No. 4 and 5Takeover

Art. No 3634 & Art. No 3635

Interchangeable Cord Stoppers


Art. No 3651

Locking Stitch Markers


Art. No 353

Take a guess and tell us what you think it might be?!

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2 thoughts on “There is something coming…

  1. Hello!
    I saw the beautiful work on the interchangeable needles. However, when I use them I say naughty words because they come unscrewed and cause my knitting to pinch up and snag. Am I doing something wrong, or is that just what happens?

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