Tool School: Knitting Notions

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What is it? – When it comes to knitting and crochet it’s all about knitting needles and crochet hooks, right?  Not so fast.  Take a quick look in your knitting kits or visualize the process of completing any project.  Something simple or even very complex.  A quick inventory of what you will use will reveal several knitting or crochet accessories that significantly enhance the creative process.  These items are the most necessary notions, the most valued accessories to every knitting or crochet endeavor.  They are our most in demand, time tested and innovative knitting tools and have become valued accessories to every creative endeavor.

What does it do? – At its most elemental base, knitting and crochet is a collection of stitches or rows of stitches organized in a deliberate manner to achieve a specific design.  But how do you get there?  How do you keep track of all of those stitches and rows?  What can hold your place while you manipulate those stitches for a specific design?  How can you connect component sections? How can you keep everything in place while you aren’t knitting?  The Clover Top Five Knitting Notions enables all of these functions.


Locking Stitch Markers

Locking Stitch Markers –  With either knitting or crochet there’s always just a lot of stitches to keep track of.  How can you mark them?  As the name suggests, these stitch markers lock into place with the engagement of the free loop with the base.  They are extremely easy to attach and, once locked, will remain in place until removed.  Locking stitch markers come in two sizes, standard for regular yarns and jumbo for those bulky yarns.


Art No. 340 Jumbo Darning Needle Set

Jumbo Darning Needle Set – The plastic knitting needle-shaped case contains two jumbo darning needles.  The enlarged eye of these needles makes threading a snap, even with bulky yarns.  The slightly curved tip of the needle ensures easy manipulation of stitches.  Whether joining knitted sections together or just weaving in loose ends, they are perfect.


Point Protectors

Point Protectors – Point protectors are made for knitters on the go.  Seldom are we able to complete a project in one sitting.  Just not enough time.  So what happens when we lay our project down or put it back in our knitting bag?  Do the stitches fall off?  Sometimes.  Is it a pain to get back to where you left off?  Always.  Point protectors to the rescue.  Place them on the ends of your knitting needles and when you get back to work it will be waiting for you just as you left it.  It also keeps the points of your knitting needles from sticking through the side of your kitting basket or bag.  That’s nice too.


Art No. 336 Knitting Counter “Kacha-Kacha”

Knitting Counter Kacha-Kacha – Both knitting and crochet require us to count rows as we complete them.  The Clover Knitting Counter allows us to do that with ease.  Each “click” is accomplished with one hand and maintains that count until the next click or you select to go back to zero which is also easily accomplished.  Other counters require the use of both hands and can accidentally change the count with inadvertent bumps or by just moving around in your knitting basket.  Accurate, secure and easy to use, the Clover knitting counter is a necessity.


Art No. 330 Cable Stitch Holder

Cable Stitch Holder – Knitted cables are an extremely attractive effect.  If you are planning on knitting cables you will need a cable stitch holder.  It is essentially a uniquely shaped knitting needle that allows you to temporarily remove a set number of stitches and hold them in place while you continue.  You can then use the cable stitch holder to put those stitches back in play according to the directions of your intended design.  Clover Cable Stitch Holders are supplied in a pack of three different sizes to match the most used knitting needle and yarn sizes.

How do I share it? – This is easy.  Organize a small display showing how each is used and then put the notions out with some yarn and needles and let your friends experience them.  Everyone will want a set so offer it as a bundle.  They select the point protector and locking stitch markers as desired and you add the knitting counter, cable stitch holders and Chibi Jumbo Darning Needle to complete the set.  Make it easy to make the right decision.

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2 thoughts on “Tool School: Knitting Notions

  1. I love the knitting counter and locking stitch markers. The counter makes knitter rows a breeze as you can easily see where you are up to. The locking stitch markers are great too as they don’t snag on the yarn and you can easily see them on the piece. I will have to look out for your jumbo darning needle, the curved tip looks great

  2. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as
    I provide credit and sources back to your site? My blog site is in the exact same niche as yours and
    my visitors would truly benefit from a lot of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this ok with you. Cheers!

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