@craftyarncouncil_1April is National Stress Awareness Month and what better way to relieve stress than to knit and crochet it away.

Knitting and crochet have repeatedly proven to be therapeutic and are in turn really good stress relievers.

They help you feel comforted, allow you to create something and feel accomplished. They help you feel in control, regardless of what is going on around you.

@craftyarncouncilThis month we challenge you to either knit or crochet a lemon stress ball!

You can also participate in the Craft Yarn Council‘s Lemon Drop Takeover by:

  1. Making a Lemon
  2. Tag it with some words of encouragement
  3. Leave it for someone to find (car, office desk, work bag, etc.)
  4. Snap a photo of the Lemon Drop
  5. Share on social media using the hashtag #stitchawaystress

Get your hands moving!

Click here for the Crochet Pattern or click here for the Knitted Pattern courtesy of Twinkie Chan.

Here is a video tutorial:

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