“Takumi” The Best of Bamboo


Takumi is the masterpiece of craftsmanship that is the product of carefully selected materials along with Clover’s high quality manufacturing technology.

Finest Top Quality Material: 

  • Place of origin is limited to cold areas with little snow. Bamboo in cold areas with little snow is very resistant to bending making this bamboo most desirable for knitting needles. Heavy snow conditions result in bent bamboo.
  • Appropriately aged Bamboo is selected. Young bamboo less than 3 years old is too soft while bamboo older than 5 years is too fragile. Four to 5 year old bamboo is the most durable bamboo to use.
  • Cutting period is limited to winter Bamboo in winter has less moisture and the fiber is more compact. Moist bamboo often produces spots and mold.
  • Only suitable sections of bamboo are used. Thick bamboo with long intervals between burls is selected. Compact, hard, and strong parts just under the skin are used. Bent, burled and parts near the roots are never used.


Clover’s many years of experience and accumulated technologies take full advantage of premium materials to create natural knitting needles and crochet hooks. The more you use our products the more you love them.

The shape of our needle tip is a favorite among many. The smooth finish glides through your work and enables long periods of knitting without fatigue.

Bamboo is a strong, elastic and hardy fiber. Its smooth surface and comfortable fit are the most desirable for knitting needles. Only the most premium parts of the bamboo are used for the needles.

The Tools: 


Clover makes knitting needles of all shapes and sizes to accomodate any creative needs. There are single pointed needles, double pointed needles and circular knitting needles.

Then, there is also this…


Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles “Takumi Baomboo” Set (Art. No 3683)

Combine the assorted needles and cords included in this set to create 60 combinations of circular knitting needles…all the sizes you need to create a wealth of knitting masterpieces.

Combination includes 5 cords and 12 tip sizes creating 60 combinations and stores in an exclusive luxury case.

With a perfectly tapered tip, precision finish of joint connection between needle and cords. ensures a smooth finish for each stitch.

Here are some pictures of our Clover Fans in action, using our Takumi Knitting Needles.

Instagram: @ladywingdesigns


Instagram: @cieciel10


Instagram: @veronica.rabbit


Instagram: @knotmoxie


Instagram: @armenuhik


Instagram: @knitknitteacup


Learn more about our knitting needles here:

One thought on ““Takumi” The Best of Bamboo

  1. Re:Takumi needles, should I be treating them with oil or wax in between using them? I do find sometimes my yarn does not move as easily as I would like on the needles.

    Thank you,

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